Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ruddy Brilliant >:-[

What is your usual reaction, when some salesman comes knock knock knocking on your door , and asks you a few worthess questions, and then tries to sell you something pathetic that will live upto its promised standard only if cows sprout wings all of a sudden and start flying here and there ??
Yea, thats our job , the salesman thingy , courtesy:bitsunami . Only we'v got to do this in a village area. Thats where im stationed right now.Brilliant , aint it ?? Especially going to people who have been expecting some developmental work for quite some time, in vain, and then go n ask irritating questions, n then ask them if they would like to buy better quality fuel if and when it is introduced in the village ?? Just like salesmans job, no ?
Well, one of the things that Bitsunami has taught me is that whatever comes your way, comes hard at you. Its upto u, whether u take it like a bouncer thrown by bret lee straight at your face, or u start thinking how you could utilize the kitneic energy to do work. Well, if what i mean to say is too murky to u, all im sayin is that one should learn to take things positively. n blah blah.
Wel i can atleast be hapy that we'r doing some social service. No,not in the village, not by askin iritatin question to the innocent villagers, but doing service to our Fellow bitsians. By making them feel a lot better about their PS stations. This is the way bitsunami spreads happiness all around the country. Amazing institution eh ??
PS: God bless reliance wireless . :P