Saturday, June 30, 2007

Depth ? Whats that ?

Due to the quite unusual but heartwarming circumstances prevalent in my life currently, which is just another way of expressing the lack of PS activity during the past week, i have been having enormous quantities of free time which is being almost criminally wasted in activities that many would deem worthless to a so-called developing mind. During one of my many escapades from the worldly duties into the webosphere ( yes i coined the word on the spot ) , i came across a set of beautiful blogs on the net. Reading it made me feel like a microbe would feel if it knew how big the earth was. Extraordinarily small and insignificant. And of course, sprang to my mind, the numerous occasions when i have been reminded of the lack of 'depth' in my writing, of how it all is so childish and immature.
So should i change my way of writing ? Should i start expending my effort to compose philosophical talk, which bear no resemblence to the turbulance of thoughts in my mind ?
I say, NO! A blog is supposed to be a medium to let out one's thoughts, and i dont want to change that . So what if my writing is in no way comparable to that 15 year old's, so what if he is to be the next pulitzer prize winner, it is no reason to change the way iv been blogging. When it comes to writing, its a different matter. So, thankful though i am for the criticism pouring my way, i would rather pour out my thoughts in the manner they come, rather than artificially dressing them up in a philosophical manner. Till then, i shall be happy to just be an amatuer, spending my time doing next to nothing in the so called webosphere . :)


Akash said...

Something even i went through sometime back. You expressed it very well though! :D

rip van winkle said...

and u!! btw thoink you!!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@akash tu
@ RVW lol

Anonymous said...

dude ..u r jus awesum ..!!! y the hell shuld u chng ur writing style ..huh ...!!!
btw ...i got ur point ...{the pulitzer and all ..}