Saturday, June 9, 2007

Justine does it again :D

And the ladies final at roland garros is over, Justine Henin once again demonstrating her mastery and profieciency on clay....and once again corroborating my nonpareil knack of identifying exceptional and preeminent performers from the not so extraordinary ones, almost always :P ... this might sound like the words of a bloody snobbish bighead, but hey , history is a witness to the great prognostic abilities of Lord Oink !!

And tomorrow is the BIG day ....Fed-ex vs nadass ... no prizes for guessing who i support...
but such is my fate that i get landed in a city with bloody set top boxes and no star sports connection ... so im all set to miss the match that promises to be unmissable ...bah

So my dear jobless readers reading a moonstruck imbecilic moron's maniacal blog :P , lets eat ( i say eat, cuz i dont drink )to a roger federer victory at roland garros at long last !

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