Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fiasco !

Yeah, my last post was truly a fiasco. In fact it was so much a fiasco that i am forced to overwrite the post with this one.
There are a few wonderful things that happened this week. Foremost of which is that it rained cats n dogs here in chennai today. Thats quite unusual, for those not aquainted with the usual weather conditions in Chennai. And of course, i din't have to go for ps. So glad to wake up knowing that i wont have to go through that drudgery schedule of mine. And miss all those horrible muddy roads so unaccustomed to downpours .... i think u get the idea.

Also, Roger, the man im rooting for to win Wimbledon this year, and emulate Bjorn Borg, has been performing quite well, showing sparks of his brilliance so much missed at rolland garros :D .

Thirdly, Thierry henry is going to Barca. I know i will irk the hardcore gooners, but frankly, he needs the change. He's given his best to arsenal, and its time he made choices that will allow him to expand. Of course it helps that now Barca is lined up with a forward n midfield that is unparalled anywhere in the world.
( yea im a sportz buff :P )

And of course, im back from the village. Phew. I thought it'd never be over. But the week has gone past swiftly, leaving behind a trail of memories both pleasant and unpleasant, which no doubt shall be etched in the mind forever. My only regret is that i did not carry my camera with me to the village. It would have been nice to share some of the moments with others.

So now a fortnight remains of Ps1. Though it has not been supremely productive, it has given us a new experience, and a glimpse of the world beyond the student life, in its all encompassing nature, waiting to devour us all. That, if not anything else, has thrown into significance the amazing period of life that is youth, the wonderous time that will soon be gone, leaving behind a misty past of fond rememberances.
There. You all Misty eyed now ? Have i enlightened you , brought you to light from the chasms of dark and dreary bottomless pits ? If i have, then good. Please all you Bitsians reading this , do your best to lower the booming average and lemme get a decent gpa for once. lol crashed back to reality eh ?


kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

this post is so full of crap that i really want to delete it ...

vinaya said...

Hoy! Don't think and write. Just let it flow. And if it is crap, to quote a friend, who cares?
Btw, that is some excellent thought old man-ish advice you give there!