Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Phew !

Ever thought what it would be like to be a celebrity ?? No doubt it would have been filled with dreams of swanky cars, hip locality, getting all the good things in life , poof !
One visit to the studio sent all these heveanly thoughts packing into oblivion.

Yesterday was the recording at the Doordarshan Chennai headquarters for my violin performance ... thought i wasnt as excited and enthusiastic about coming on TV as any sane person would be, I never expected to be thoroughly exasperated ...

I missed my Ps as a consequence , for which i am not at all sorry , but the recording sapped up twice the energy that an entirely normal day at ps would. 5 hrs of frustrating shooting, sitting in front of god-knows-how-many cameras and lights and what not, pretending to the world that im having the best time of my life , while in actuality its just sum blown-out-of-proportion thing... Only good thing was that i dint become any poorer for the effort :P

I would really like to continue with my rantings on this n that, but i happened to notice the clock thingy on the left, which brings me crashing back to the ground ( thank god theres no gravity in my thoughts ;) ) ..no there hasnt been a sudden realization or transformation of any kind, its just that i managed to grasp the ingenious way in which i have spent away the entire day . And the doorbell rings. ciao .

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nimit said...

you on tv ..... gr8 mannnnnnn