Monday, June 11, 2007

Fragment : Consider Revising

You must be careful, you know, when u wish for something to happen, especially if that something makes other people look at you with that typical stare , that they usually reserve for mentally unstable people , and that happens unexpectedly, just when you are getting used to your not-so-perfect surroundings, and finally making peace with the world, and that sends your aldready confused n frustrated brain crashing into oblivion, making you wonder , what, just what made you wish for such an absurd and ludicrous wish.
My case is an exemplerary example of this situation ...
Why can't i be happy to be just whiling away my time doing next to nothing, just sitting and revising old reports, right clicking the green n red underlined words, and then ' Fragment: consider revising ' ..... especially after having escaped from the otherwise cruel alternative of spending our vacation in a godforsaken village parked south.... but brilliant mind has other ideas..... i just have to wish for proper work to be given ....... cant be satisfied with gettin just bored a bit everyday..... and lo ! behold ! my wish hath cometh true !!!!!
So , my dear jobless readers, i am gonna work my ass off from tomorrow to meet the deadlines given by a raging madman ! AND TO TOP IT ALL , ROGER FEDERER LOST TO NADAL ONCE AGAIN ....BAH TALK ABOUT A VACATION !!!

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vinaya said...

Hehe! Glad i could help!