Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lolism : Thats what is PS1 !

Today, just when i had completed my so called 'work' for today and was preparing to leave the room in my ps1... when i realised that i spend on an average more time in malls than in the ps station ... take today for example ... reported at 10 30, left at 12 for lunch to spencers ... came back at 3 [ :P ] , went bac to spencers at 4 , nd came home at 9 30 [ ;-) ] though this was by no means an average day, how much ever i wish it were , it should give you an idea of what an average day would be like .
And while in spencers, one eats... and while eating, my usual worthless mind was once again devoid of any useful thoughts, just blankly floating in the vast reaches of the parallel universe... and all i did was eat ..
though, today , after trying out many new varieties supposedly from various parts of thw world, i concluded that indian food was the best, unbeatable, unsurpassable in taste, n the height of satisfaction given by eating it unsurmountable .... ( though of course all these comments might be the products of an exceptionally hungry stomach )
im sleepy now so good night i cant type two more words properly.

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