Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ditch, International Ditch !

There are some things which are never told to the public. Operations , which have no record of existence. Lurking in the background, they play a vital role in effecting various changes which often assume mind boggling proportions. Millions of lives are affected by these operations, but they continue to look elsewhere for the source. The government is hand-in-gloves with the perpetrators of atrocities commited during these discreet operations. Most people never realize the magnitude of the conspiracy behind small matters than may even go unnoticed.

Some, however , unfortunate to have landed against such powerful foes in the first place, fortunately get a glimpse of the enormity of the comspiracy. They are the chosen ones. They are the ones who are hand picked by the secret shadows ( for want of a better name ) and shown a picayune moiety of the world of the mysterious. And gape with eyes as wide as they can get. Gasp . Try to grasp the enormity . And stand there helpless. Paraplegic. Not unlike little clay pigeons. As you probably might have guessed, I am one of the pitiful ones. A subject of international mockery. Starting Sunday the 17th.
Thats what was told to me yesterday by them doordarshan fellas. Starting Sunday the 17th.
7:00 AM . IST . I assumed the standard definition of IST, and prepared for a max of an hour of delay. My violin per4mance to be aired. On national television. My mum had told a plethora of people about it. From the southern most tip of the country, to Uncle Sam's land.
And its 7:00 Am. 17th June . 2007. I am rudely woken up by a phone call from Mumbai. And the usual this n that about being lazy n waking up late n all. Resigned to my fate, but a faint curiosity about the doordarshan telecast arising in my mind, i wake up from slumberland.
Blink. See ? There's the television ! Aah the groggy mind of the just awoken ! Some crap about something going on . When am I coming in there ( pointing to the tv ) ?? Hmm guess id have to wait. IST being followed . Almost religously. Well its only a matter of an hour. Minute after minute of god-knows-what . All for this moment. And ting! Its 8. Aah . Ditchkiyoun !
Nothing Remotely resembling me in there. The last thing i wanted. To be ditched so internationally. But as always, theres an upside. I immediately think of my blog. Of how i can Trick all you people into reading a whole load of crap. And there's my revenge :D . Im not the only fool anymore :D ! Welcome to the club !
yours anonymously,
Fools Anonymous


vinaya said...

If it makes you feel any better (and it should), the whole family (and some neighbours too) was up and waiting on the wrong day!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

lol it does make me feel b8r :D