Saturday, July 14, 2007

The pandemic : Prologue

There is a fever that is spreading around. It knows no geographical boundaries. It spreads through mysterious means. There is no stopping it. It has assumed juggernaut status and has reached epic proportions. In fact it is just short of being branded an epidemic.

Some symptoms are synonymous with those of acute paralysis ,vegetative state and frequent zombie-like characteristics. Other symptoms may be confused with unusual hypnotic behaviour. The origin of this massive fever is believed to be in England. But it has crossed almost all natural and man made barriers. No one is safe from its devastating spell. The global impact of this fever is so alarming, and hapless researchers are finding it so difficult to explain the reason for it, that news channels across the world are focussing on this pandemic.

And i am its latest casualty.

There is light at the end of the tunnel after all. July 21st beckons, but i just cant get myself to wait for the release of the latest, and last book in the harry potter series, The deathly hallows.
I am just one of the millions n billions to have been gripped by it, and by gripped, i mean one so tight it could hold liquid nitrogen at room temperature. And to my dismay, i find that i am not quite in touch with what has happened so far in the magical world. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that i have read and re read so many fake e books and fan fics, that i have lost track of where JKR left us. All that remains is a vague recollection that the Half Blood Prince was left at a tantalizing point of the series, and what ever remains in this woeful memory of mine is just a garbled up version of all the stupid and the not-so-stupid fanfics written under the sun.
So i decide its time to revise. And then i realize, that this is the only thing in my life that i have even thought of revising. And although revising it means back to square one, it hardly hurts. Now, THATS a first !
Stop No. 1 : Philosopher's stone.
To be continued... :P


Gizmo said...

hey ur blog plays some music n all eh? n ya cant wait for it 2 b 21st of july!!!!!

Gizmo said...

oh sorry thts grangers blog.. thuest!!

Oink said...

lolest !

vinaya said...

Aaaaaaaaaal the way back to the philosopher's stone?? Wow, you have some patience! Saw the movie today... enjoyed it, probably because i dont remember much of the book!

Full Of Life said...

Yep...the build up to the book release is tremendous. I just hope Rowling lives up to it. Though I guess the number of fake versions and forums have possibly discussed every school of thought Rowling can ever have. 21st July, 5:30 am...Im waiting for it too!

Oink said...

Blaaaaarrgh me not gettin it at
5 30 tho !!!!!!!!!!!!! have to scourge the net that day .. plz ne of u gettin hold of the e book mail it to me !