Wednesday, July 4, 2007


For the past few days iv been so jobless that even my steadily rusting mind has felt the need for some warming up of those grey cells so unused in the past 2 years. Yesterday, when i was going through the inutile process called PS1, as usual with mindless myriad musings in my head, i decided to calculate the financial aspect of PS1 with the BITS administration's perspective. Yea, i know it is the height of joblessness, but extremely vella that i am, it can be taken as quite a healthy excercise for my grey matter as compared to PS1 at least. But i never expected to be jerked out of my torpor so abruptly, and begin to doubt if all this inactivity has at last taken its toll on my mental health.
The task that i had embarked upon, of calculating the financial aspect of PS1, was not one which neccesitated the use of a calculator. In order to give my brain at least some activity, and owing to my inherent laziness to go to a comp n open calc.exe or take up a calculator from my bag, i decided to do the calculation mentally. The results were so atrocious that i had myself reeling from the aftereffects of the revelation. Here i summarize the results :

The amount paid by Bitsians for ps1 spanning 2 months ( it is 1.5 months, but i take it as two months for simplified calculation .. remember i dint have a calculator :P )
= Rs 11,250.00

Number of students totally = 800 + 600 ( an approximation, nonetheless quite acceptable )
= 1400

Amount recieved for these 2 months = Rs. 11,250 X 1400 = Rs. 15,750,000 ( 15 million ! WOW ! )

Expenses borne by the administration in these 2 months :

Salary for the instructors and staff :
assuming a really generous salary of 75,000 per month for the instructors, and an even more generous estimation of their number at around 75, we get the total cost of employing them instructors = 75,000 X 75 X 2 ( the '2' factor bcoz of two months ) = Rs. 11,250,000
11 million for our dear profs , if that aint generous , i dunno wat is !

Maintanence costs : NONE
other costs : even though i cannot fathom any major expenses for the adminstration, i am so generous as to allot Rs. 500,000 for miscellaneous expenses.

After deducting the expenses, we arrive at a stagerring figure of Rs. 4,000,000 !
( 4 million , c0000000l)

see,me doubting my own sanity is quite reasonable. ( dont worry, i checked it all on a calci, makin sure theres no mistake in the calculations. But the ramifications of my calculations being correct were fully felt by my atthai ( its tamil, for those who dun understand, take it as aunt ) , who had to be party to my infinite cribbings on the financial extravaganza that is ps1 for bits , all day yday :P)

Now i want to ask, where does all this go ? what happpens with all this money ? Mr. chancellor, are you listening ?? :P


Gizmo said...

lolest!! bits hyd better b worth d money!!

Rodrigo said...
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Akash said... forgot to add all the correspondence cost + student instructors ka fee + the feelings behind it! :P
but ya, i understand what you are trying to say! :D

Anonymous said...

4000000 figure you arrived at may be big for u but quite small for an istitution u know

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

yea i actually realized it, but since i had written this long a post, wat the heck , i let it be :P