Thursday, July 12, 2007


Yes. IT is finally over. Fin. Ende. For all the non multi - lingual people people out there, THE END.
PS1 is finally history. A chapter in this book called my life is over. The fact that it has gained enough importance to occupy an entire chapter, warrants an explanation. Because, frankly, who in their right mind would attach any significance to it ?
Well, i feel this is the time to dispel any myths that anyone might have about my PS station. I have been at the recieving end of comments that we at Bitsunami have been doing nothing but whiling away our time to the point of getting bored of boredom. Sorry to pour cold water over these hallucinations, but heres an insider account of what life at bitsunami is really about.

When i got allotted Bitsunami as my ps station, i was the center of ridicule for the rest of the days leading upto PS, especially as it was one of my top 10 options. The 'knowledgeable ones' predicted a summer of catchin fish with the mouth and dancing around fires with adivasis. So encouraging.
I do not deny that i was highly skeptical of where we were supposed to work. Chennai or Vedaranyam ( for those not in the know, its the village that iv been makin field trips to ).
Ever the optimist that i try to be, however, i had a semblence of hope that the PS people would stick to what they had mentioined on paper - Chennai city.
Then began the roller coaster ride that was Bitsunami. An unwanted but non negotiable trip to the village and a sudden visit to Bangalore later, we finally landed up in the place where we were supposed to be stationed.
But unforseen thunderstorms began forming the day after we landed where we should have stayed put. Invisible Remote controls began acting upon us. Powerful energies tried to bend us to their will. The amount of wriggling out of situations that cannot be given justice on a mere blog, is worthy of entering the history books. Negotiations that would have made diplomats proud, were held under wraps of the blissful cover of Bitsunami. Our steadfast belief, and our unprecedented stubborness was what helped us salvage some benefit out of this inutile process. However it was not without consequenses. We came this close to getting our ps station cancelled. I wont go into any details here because of obvious reasons. In the end, a compromise was reached. The headlock was broken and everything continued as if nothing of particular significance had occured.
The entire duration of ps was one of enormous tension and worries. Something that other ps stations were blissfully unexposed to. everyday some new problem, some new but useless idea of a strategically well positioned person, and then endless discussions about how to go about tackling them, Phone calls to various parts of the city, unofficial meetings, and countless cribbings. All in one package . And all this projected to the world with a serene face.
The work done by ps1 students was perhaps more than most other ps stations. This claim may be rubbished by many, but we know, the instructor knows, and the institution knows. It is not the amount of work that is painful. It is the way in which it is conducted. Again, there is neither any need, nor any use of unnecessary details. This is the way it has been, and is likely to be in the future too.
Again the optimist in me crops up, looking for reasons to celebrate this collaboration. It is my insight into the big bad world. It is my glimpse of what may lie ahead. It is preparation for the worst. Although the entire post may seem pretty hollow, there will be people who shall fully be able to explore the depth of every apparent hollow sentence.
PS1 has indeed been a chapter. I might not have been completely successful in impressing the reason for this, but it is important to me that i can keep this as a record of what has been an unforgettable experience.
In the end, there shall be at least one clear straight-forward sentence in this post.

' My ps instructor rox . '

There has been a sudden transition from the old casual topics to this serious post. This is a one time affair, and im glad to say that i am gonna revert back to my original, care-free blogging once again. adios .


Full Of Life said...

Well..I actually thought u would be made to work extra hard. The fact that it has the word " BITS.." in its name made me think it would be extra sincere in terms of PS. But I join you in the happiness of its ending. :)

rip van winkle said...

naice!! :D such a spirit-lifting community we are eh, the BITS family?! may god bless us :D n ya ps1 was some experience. life is aint easy. never too early to get used 2 it!! filliosfical eh?!

John said...

really nice writing

vinaya said...

Wow. Suddenly you seem all grown up and bitter :)
Move on. College life becons!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!