Tuesday, July 24, 2007

license to kill

Yet another reason to be extremely careful on Mumbai roads in general. Me on the road :D
Went for so-called driving classes today ( for all those who'r clucking their tongues, yea yea im very late i know , still better late than never :) ). The only reason im putting up with them classes is because me dad feels it is wise if i get some formal training, before posing a grave threat to pedestrians. They'r ( the classes i mean, not pedestrians :P ) seriously a drab, imagine drivin in 1st gear for an hour without touching the accelerator even once ! Well, hope tomorow ill be given a freer reign so that i can explore my creativity a bit :P . The best part, however, is not compromising on my sleeping patterns :D . i can still sleep till a respectable 10:30 , and be well in time for the classes. Although the time frame of learning is usually 20 days, im supposed to complete it by 29th, not that it is gonna be difficult, its just a matter of multitasking, which,we the gaming psychos know only too well :P

Anyone who has been to the colony where i stay, will agree that it is a paradise for driving. Amateur drivers, that is. Hardly any bumps, large deserted streches of decently maintained roads, and no police to check license :P . Closest to an empty highway in the city. So its relatively easy to comment on the trivial task that is driving. Once out into the Mumbai roads just outside though, its a different story altogether. Vehicles darting past at dizzying speeds, adherence to the lane rule in general, all make it an effort well worth concentrating on. Well, thats for the next vacation. This time around im resigned to just complete the classes, give my test ( hopefully ) and get the license. WEll at least that process will be over. Driving on the fast n furious mumbai traffic can be left for another day ! ( Mind you, i am NOT generalizing mumbai traffic as fast , all im saying is that the region outside my colony has a smooth moving traffic. We all know the infamous traffic in other parts of the city :P )
Add to it the rain, and things seem only more exciting :D . Thats it ppl for this post, i know this isint any mind boggling or earth-shattering enlightenment, but wat the heck , who cares !
:@) <---------------------- try typing this in yahoo msgr, to get it.

PS : Scott was hilarious today, not to mention the comments. Bush's really gettin it ROFL.


Full Of Life said...

lolest!!! But the bestest driving school is the car in which my sister learnt..u needed to push the accelerator to its limit to even inch along, brakes etc only on the instructors side..I guess she never crossed 20...lol.
Yea Scott's blog is super good today :D

9 said...

we gaming psychos know only too well.. ??
wen it comes to multitasking of gaming n acads!!.. :( oops.. :P

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ fol : LOL 20 ? she musta gone madddddd

@ 9 : oh yea damn 4got that aspect ( convienient eh ? :P )