Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have a break, have a kit kat

This post is a break from the 'Theories' posts, to commemorate my last day in Chennai in the forseeable future, and certainly the last day of my ps1 trip. It has been a most memmorable trip, spanning all of two months. It has been a bag of mixed feelings really, what with all those threats of being sent to live like a villager, to meeting up with frenz and exploring chennai like never before. Owing to the rigours of PS, a common feeling of teaming up against the forces of evil (lol) developed among us bitsunami ps ppl, that looks set to continue for some time.
Chennai is a strange city. It is not the stereotypical metro that most people expect it to be. As a result, most people are really frustrated with common grievances like public road transport and the scorching heat. What is required to come to grips with what chennai offers, is staying here for a considerably longer period of time than most other cities. It offers a really unique blend of traditional and modern facilities. Contrary to popular belief, there ARE places to hang out. Only they need a bit of exploring.
My short stint in this city was rewarding, to say the least. Firstly, i came on doordarshan. Though my delusions of grandeur were shattered by that recording, it was national television nevertheless. Secondly, i did learn something in ps ( i hope ) at least while i was in the city( though wat i took 2 long months to learn could be learnt by anyone in prolly a week, it is much better than nothing, i tell u ). Thirdly, i did take a step for the better in the music perspective ( yea i did, mum, much more than what i would have done at home :P.. at least the strings i bot qualify as a positive step :D ).
I dont think there is any trip to chennai lined up in the near future, unless of course i land up here courtesy ps2. So its adios amigos chennai, and yoyoyo Bombay ( its bombay to me, not mumbai) here i come :D ... ok this is only a short commercial break.

script type="text/javascript">document,write("Hello World!)
ok i posted a script :P :P

PPS : Thanx to all my frenz who tolerated all my thuisms, and my bugging messaging all day long. Most of them have demonstrated tremendous buggability. Thanx for putting up wid me for so long. I assure u ill bug u all again once bac in campus. And last but not the least in any way, i sincerely thank radio city which kept me company from 9 to 11 am , 5 to 9 pm, and 12 am onwards all the days, n certainly made my travel less painful. Seriously the only decent radio station in chennai.


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Moving on from HTML to JavaScript, are we?
I love Chennai. Dont ask me why, but it feels like home.

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@ VN i gave up html.
Btw WEN have YOU stayed in chennai for more than a week eh ?