Saturday, July 21, 2007


Warning : this post does not contain any spoilers, or any information about the deathly hallows. It is a review in general, without naming or hinting at any particular event in the book. So for those who do not want to be exposed to spoilers, fear not, this is not where you need to stop. And for those who read the spoilers in the last post, it is a load of rubbish anyways.

ok, i just finished reading the much awaited super hyped blown out of proportion so called literary phenomenon Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows. And my dear friends, i do know that if Ms Joanne Kathleen Rowling had ever got the oppurtunity to don the sorting hat to get sorted to her house, she would have definitely gone to gryffindor. Her tremendous courage would have seen to that. Yes, she is courageous to the point of ridiculousness. Courageous enough to even think of composing such a load of tosh, especially when it was common knowledge that half the educated world was hanging on to her every word, every letter that she either spoke, or more importantly, wrote. To say HP7 was dissapointing, would be a gross understatement. It was totally not what i expected of JKR. The begining was, to put it briefly, perfect. It managed to make me cling on to the book, turn the pages with a mad fervor, creating that element of suspense that is so ingrained into the series. But she really ruined it in the end. It was, to be frank, ridiculous. Ludicrous. The end wasnt just dissapointing, it was nauseating. The epilogue that is included, pathetic. She could have very well done without it. It has at last rid me of the potter mania. I now know what happens at the end of it all as Ms JKR envisaged. And to know that all the events that have taken place in the previous 6 boks would ultimately culminate into this, has removed any magic that the books held. I have read and re read the books previous to this one, but i seriously doubt if i would want to read this again.
Ultimately, the book has reached out to the very audience that it might have been targteted at before becoming a global phenomenon trangressing all ages - children. They are the only ones who are likely to revel in such a fairy tale ending.I am sure, the book will get a lukewarm response from the rest of its readers. It has been a marvellous ride till date, especially the long gap between the HBP and this one enabling me to let my imaginations wild, make up theories, and complete the story in my own, satisfactory way. I had braced myself for a not-so-brilliant finish to the series. But this was like a bolt of lightning, as if suddenly JKr has descended from her apex of unbelievable writing, to the mundane world of childish non-best sellers. It has indeed been a fairy tale. However, i would like to forget what the end had in store for the wizarding world, rather, i would like to delve into the misty and wild escapades of my imagination, and continue the legacy that JKR had begun when she was travelling on that fateful train, and when harry potter strolled into her head, right here in my head.
I would advise all out there to read it once, and see if your views concur with mine. i shall be highly surprised if it doesnt :P .


Gizmo said...

yea rite now 6 on 10 seems too much.. the epilogue was disgusting! my godd!! this books sole purpose looked like d glorification of harry potter n NOTHIN else..sheesh...!!

Full Of Life said...

Coudnt agree more!!! Cheeeeeeee wat a waste! OMG! The epilogue was so Ekta Kapoorish! Yuck! Its not even a kid's book..too gory for that.

vinaya said...

Done. She cheated out on the ending, but the rest of the the book i enjoyed. Of all the books, this one i would NOT have chosen to buy :(

Chaos said...

totally fked the ending yaar. i hated the epilogue.. i have a feeling she's given into publisher n filmmaker's pressure@last... if i were her, i'd kill harry off.

the most sickening thing now,is that we'll have to wait for three years at least to see emma kiss rupert (yuck!!!)

rip van winkle said...

agree with vinaya. oh cmon it wasnt THAT bad!! agreed epilogue was sickening. and um, the ending WAS filmy. still, pretty good read, at least till u got there na.

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

yea yea lol.. it was really good till the ending .. this post i wrote right after i finished the book so u can imagine .. thank GOD i dint buy the book tho :P