Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Cushion

After quite a long time, actually, for the first time this semester really, i had a good two and a half hour long discussion/debate on politics, policies, world happenings, history etc etc.
Only three of us, but its been some time since i'v had a good long debate about these things in college, so,  man, that felt good! Interspersed were facts and quotes that were googled just to make sure none of us was bluffing our way to dominion.
It started with the usual rambling about the job scenario in rDx's room, which, by the way, is way too damn hot , where any air circulation goes to die. The eternal optimist in me still felt that the scenario wasn't as bad as was being portrayed, and that bitsians would still have some advantage, hopefully, to weather the storm, only to be laughed at, and then followed by the regular college,economy, wall street, etc abusing. 
A small innocent comment about the inefficacy of the govt proved to be the tipping point for the discussion, further fueled by the arrival of Samya, the walking-talking-world-war-2 dictionary. From whether or not the NDA would be better than the UPA,  to their past policies, Samya siding with with the latter while rDx with teh former, n yours truly, in the true spirit of a dilly dallier, with both (:P), it then spiralled into the posible solutions for kashmir, then into the balochistan-kashmir comparison, china, russia, europe, world war 2 ( at which point samya almost jumped with delight ), g20, manmohan vs advani, modi, sonia, PoK, tibet, afghanistan, intelligence, osama, WTC, and the like. 
Why im posting this is because it reaffirmed how little we know (or at least i know) about what is happening in the world around us, how we are just another face in the crowd, how there is so much scope for expanding our sphere of information, how my quest for keeping myself abreast of the latest developments has to keep pace with the ever changing world. 
Nothing like a good ol' discussion to remind us that we are truly just an insignificant seed in the forest of knowledge, and only by absorbing all that the environment offers can we rise above the weeds and reach out to the sun. 
If theres one thing iv learnt in the past few months, its that im pathetically ignorant, and its about time i do something about it :|

Edit: Tan ta daaan !!! My new avatar is here 0.0


Full Of Life said...

New avatar?

tata birla said...


Vidya said...

did you go get yourself enrolled in the voters list? :-/

tata birla said...

a very compelling question. Good point.
I did, actually. I mean, i filled the forms and watnots. But havnt gotten any confirmation of anything, so dunno if my name's here on the voter list.

misterbutler said...

din u discuss abt d IPL or windy wellington? :D

tata birla said...

fortunately or unfortunately, none of us are very keen followers of cricket :|
btw, IPL != cricket, its pure entertainment :D

fiddlesticks said...

tata avk!! \m/

Atri said...

Actually i feel for the guy. I mean he has never really done anything to me, except give me a couple of As in physics' 1 and 2 :P

Oink said...

wish u'd realized this in the audi @ jaffer