Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intriguing question of the day

I walked into a most wonderful bookstore in Brigade Road, bangalore called Blossoms. They have both new and 2nd hand books, and the most important thing, they have almost any book u would want. Just ask the librarian, and they wil take you to the book you had been searching for eons.
I spent like 2 hours there, just browsing books, and trying to reach a decision on which books to select to fit my then limited budget. Im definitely going back there during my next bangalore trip, this time with a considerably fatter wallet. 

While i was looking thru the books, i came across this interesting book, the name of which i unfortunately don't remember, but whose summary, like of so many others, i read. It posed an interesting question:

What would be the one piece of wisdom/knowledge/contribution you would give to the world, if you knew these were your last few moments on earth ?


Akash said...

Oh, what I'd say is what they possibly don't teach in books and classrooms:

"In the end, you are defined by how much you loved and how much you cared. To heck with it, even through your life you are defined by the same. Your happiness comes from the same, your identity comes from the same. I know about Newton and Einstein today, but do I love them? No. Do I love Mother Teresa? Yes. (And that's not a Miss/Mr. World answer but the truth). Your compassion can change a million lives, including yours. Live for people and not commodities; that's the only thing that makes sense.

KK said...

i'd say..

"talk to Akash.."

Short and simple... :)

awesome man, Akash... *BOWS*

fiddlesticks said...

'Blossoms! Church Street! GO!'


kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ akash : now _thats_ like a harvard guy !

kk, lol again

fiddle, \m/

Vidya said...

do you know the way to the restaurant at the end of the universe?

Anonymous said...

42 is the answer to life :D

in line with Vidya's answer