Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is gonna be just about anything that comes to my mind as i type at 4 am.

For starters, something that really set me off thinking, almost making a skeptic out of me regarding the apparent forward thinking mindset that's supposed to be a characteristic of the urban Indian. Im assuming of course, that fellow students of our so called well known institute constitute a fair representation of our urban youth. I was having a discussion with a group of friends who i just happened to cross on my way to the mess for snacks. Who they were, i don't really want to go into that, for reasons that will be fairly obvious in a while. The discussion as usual started off with the usual stuff about the college turning more into a prison sort of place and about the need for a student union that actually has the balls to do something, then launched off tangentially in the direction of jobs and salaries and future and all that stuff that we'v been hearing all too frequently lately. Someone then remarked Mr. X's gf would be earning more than him, and got a mortified reply that that wasn't the case and that he would be the one earning more, pointing out some things like cost to company and the like. What i really noticed was the fervor with which he replied, almost with a sign of triumph or relief, cant say which, that he was with the higher paying job. I casually remarked that i wouldn't really mind at all if it were the opposite in my case, only to get a curious, almost pitiful stare from everyone in the group. They were seeing me as if i had uttered something blasphemous, which is what set me off into a debate with the rest of the 5-odd people, all of whom were appalled by my stance. The debate was inconsequential in the end, each side sticking to their guns, although i was heavily outnumbered. I got the cup of tea which is just one of the extremely few things that i like in the mess just in time, and set off thinking about where was all the forward thinking that is so hyped in the papers? I just met a bunch of well read, young and brilliant students at a premier institute, all with good backgrounds and so called forwards thinking youth of the country appalled by the possibility of their better halves earning more than them. I was almost amused by the pettiness of their stand, then later dissapointed and disheartened that such things really matter to the educated youth. I'd like to think that such a stand is fairly uncommon and i just happened to cross a group of people who all thought this way, and that all the recent hubub about gender equality is not just plain empty talk.

In a more lighter vein, iv been playing more WoW than ever before lately, and the guilt of doing nothing better has been eating me from inside, so i thought i'd better post something here to take my mind off the guilt of having wasted the few hours that im awake, and am likely to waste in the future. Coming to this sem, its been awesomely (or awfully ) light, especially because i havnt taken any project. A little boring, compensated by the occasional thought of this being the last of its kind 'vacation', and the frequent 'house' episodes that i still havnt got remotely tired of. The college is at its notorious worst, reprimanding people in its usual manner for things as trivial as not opening the door when warden comes knocking and ur sleeping, dead tired, or playin loud music that no one in the corridor seems to mind. I'll be visiting Bangalore next week, so i guess that would be a break from the monotony. This post is looking more like a letter than a blog post, so i think i'll stop, and go to sleep, got work to do tomorrow, technically, today, that really can't afford to be procrastinated.


Full Of Life said...

Oh yes! You have hit the nail bang on the head! Gender equality talk is all hubub. The section of society considering a woman as good as a man is so small it is negligible in the bigger picture of things. Nice to know you dont mind ( :P good thing since girls usually like guys who are not too egoistic about themselves). Anyways what you saw was perhaps a small sample space of this kind of youth who has this mindset despite being highly educated, good family blah blah. Load of tosh. I attitudes wont change easily. I'd like to quote Einstein here "Its easier to break an atom than a prejudice".

I heard WoW has been voted as the most "violent" game ever recently on some poll. True kya? Anyway, I think education will be free in sometime in our coll, thanks to the number of fines they are slapping on everyone!
Enjoy your trip! :D

Lazy Lavender said...

True, you just happened to cross a group of people who all thought this way, and you will just happen to cross more groups of more people who all think the same way.

But I'd like to stay optimistic and call this the 'growth' curve, and that in time(give it a century?), the 'educated' youth will actually become less prejudiced. The signs are showing up, you being a classic example!

Lazy Lavender said...

And oh, btw, I don't think you can get tired of watching 'House'. Wilson's my fav.

KK said...

as far as i am concerned, i'd be MORE than happy if my wife-to-be earns a LOT, LOT more than me, so much so i can stay at home and look after it! :P (and yes, that doesn't come out of my lazy arse!)

fiddlesticks said...

rotfl @ KK's comment

And yes, sad but true, what you've described. But on the brighter side, 2 out of 2 guys who have put in an appearance in this post aren't worried about their spouses earning more than them. So cheers to that! :D

gowri said...

hmmm.. oink for all the girls hu read that, uve become a good damn more appealing..
i wonder if its a ploy ? :P
kiddin :D Ofcourse gender equality is a load of humbug, but theres hope that someday it wont be

Yogesh said...

@ fol, WoW violent? If thats not oxymoronic, i dunno what is :| . On the other hand, it could be compared to drugs, getting people addicted and wasting them away :\

Hello, all, my name is Oink, and im an addict.

@ lavender
yea wilson's as twisted as house, only less grumpier :D they make a great pair

kk, lolest

@ fiddle, could u get any more positive ? :P

@ madbull, Drat! u caught me!

Vidya said...

the y chromosome has too much of ego compared to the x chromosome which is a more paavam one :-/
in a few (approx, 1 out of 5-6) the y is sorta the sleeping chromosome so the ego is not that evident
too much blabbering, sorry!
and you were supposed to teach me WoW!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

are you insinuating that 1 out of 5-6 males are actually female ?

200 years after Darwin's exposition, we have his 'x' version :D

btw, too late for WoW, i almost left it :| ( kindly note the word almost )

smilingassassin said...

luk who is talking abt the silent non-egoistic x chromosomes... :P i jus meant "luk who is talking" in its literal sense... no pun intended.. hehe...

yeah the situation is pretty pathetic... but i dont know which of the two groups to hate more-the ones who admit this (and hence of their chauvinistic nature)in public or the ones who who claim to be progressive but occasionally spell out views which contradict the same! (the latter being more dangerous!!)

anyways modernity shud never be defined in terms of where u belong to-the urban or the rural..or even in terms of the number of branded accessories u use. it shud be defined more in terms of the outlook u possess... and to equate modernity with urban education is probably a great mistake that has already been rooted in the minds of the so called "urban youth" when actually they r passing on the old wine in a new bottle to the next generation!

fiddlesticks said...

You've probably realised by now just how uncommon that stand is..not, haven't you?

Oink said...