Tuesday, December 9, 2008

House it possible ?

Time for a post :)

Been watching Gregory House MD, a series about an insanely gifted doctor who wants to be as miserable as life can make him, yet never runs short of a seemingly unending stream of sarcasm bordering on hurling insults at everyone and anyone who gets too close to him, both physically and not (at least till half of the second season, which is where i am right now, after a humungous marathon house-watching session was interrupted rudely by a much needed dose of sleep, followed by a not at all rude session of going and seeing what waves is all about this year, when im not associated with it at all, which makes me miss the running around-tackling unforseen problems which invariably creep up on you from behind whenever ur managing or organising or that sort of thing, while knowing that any screw up would directly affect the event or program or some such thing or person(s) or etc-etc-this-sentence-is-too-long-anyways-n-im-running-short-of-breath-phew! )
Well, the point is, the break from the house marathon got me out of my room, during a time when im not supposed to be in my room because a cultural festival with which i have been directly associated during its formative years is going on in my backyard (so to speak).
Well, i have been thinking for a long time as to what reason i have for completely divorcing my blog for such a long time, that would stand trial in any court (of my mind), and i have arrived at the conclusion after briefly being reminded during the waves-exploring session about the fact that my blog is miserable and lonely and iv got to make it up to her (i like to think its feminine), that i have nothing in my defense that would stand the test of trial, except that the net speed is crappy negated by the incriminating fact that im too damn lazy to go type in my username password in blogspot.com and just type a damn post.
Ok, back to house.
Oh my god its exactly what i needed. It felt like a splash of freshly bred sarcasm. After the months of boring monotonous existence that i lead, in which im including almost all of my bits years, and where i'd almost forgotten to read or write (or type), this was like rediscovering the joy of creative english speaking. The dialogue writers for the series 'house MD' are a bunch of geniuses. I would recommend the series to anyone who is not allergic to anything remotely connected with medicine. Now im transformed into the erupting volcano of sarcasm and anything i touch suddenly sprouts into a sarcasm spitting machine!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, im overplaying it, but you get the point. Watch it if its the last thing you do.

Which brings me to the question, do you talk to yourself? Yes, im asking you , the occasional reader of this divorced blog.

Well, i do. A lot. Infact, more often than not, you can find me talking to myself in an animated manner, provided i think ur not looking. It might seem a bit boring, me talking continuously about myself like a self obsessed narcissist, but hey, if i am that, run away, shoo, before i nauseate you to death with my seemingly unending quips about myself, and if i am not that, you know i cant keep up with this myself for long.

More often than not, this self-talking-whenever-i-get-the-opportunity is mistaken for a classic case of a candidacy for a mental institution. Ok, its not the same positive self-talk crap that they try to teach us at the phonetics and english speaking class,
but it helps me pass the time, pretending im someone else having a conversation with an imaginary someone, who replies just as i want him/her to.

When i talk to myslf, most likely im anybody other than an engineer, talking something abstruse to someone who is just as intrigued in my imaginary ability to vomit out sentences that would make little sense were it made to a real person, as i am in my imaginary friend's reply.

Dont fret, im not schizopreniac or anythin, and i wont eat you. Its just sad that there's nothing half as interesting going on in my life as i would like it to be, and pretending is just a way of pepping it up a little.
Call me crazy. Are you ?


Full Of Life said...

Ah..nice to find one more person active on my not-so-active Bloggers List. Welcome back!

Talking to yourself is a thing even I do! Hi5 on that! I find it an excellent way to voice my most absurd, innermost and insane thoughts aloud to myself which makes it somehow easier to deal with the flabbergasting situations life poses. This habit makes it somewhat easier to deal with everything when you have already had a conversation about the topic (never mind with yourself!).
House is fantabulous! \m/. Im allergic to everything remotely concerned with medicine, but somehow I simply enjoyed everything about it. Sarcasm at its best, I agree.

I hope you make up with your divorced blog and do return full time to being with her .( if the net permits). Lol.

Everyone is crazy. In their own little special way. :)

Atri said...

Just when i thought you picked up the self talk from PES, you redirect me to a page YOU created to not only bias my opinion of the self talk she taught in PES (i missed it) but also ever-so-subtly justify your self talk by insisting its not the PES self talk.

So very House-like.

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@fol, hopefully ill set off a chain reaction that will suddenly wake up all the other dormant bloggers as well so that at least some of my unending free time shall be spent in something other than wow or house 0.0

@ moon
0.0 <--- this smiley somehow reminds me of a mouse, dont u think ? hello, steve mcQueen!
( i had nothing else to say :|)

fiddlesticks said...

Call me crazy. Are you ?

You'd have to be crazy not to be!

I'm fervently hoping your chain reaction will work, and soon :P

Vidya said...

we all talk to ourselves don't we? only a few of us get caught while doing so :-/
ms, am sure you are saying ayyo rama :P
hmmph, the house craze, i'll never understand!

fiddlesticks said...

Damn you gizmo!

bOOn said...

i have entire conversations with myself when i can't find anyone half as entertaining as myself :P

itsfine said...

Hey! I am joining you there. I am also as crazy as you in talking to myself and most of the times they are debates and trust me, they can get pretty animated. Many times people see me smiling spontaneously and they ask why? I can't really say why, you know. But yeah, I am also not schizophrenic or something. I am completely normal just a tad bit more interested in the alternate reality.

And about House- I am the biggest fan. In fact, last night I had a dream where I was in his hospital and he was practicing his sarcasm on me ..hehehe