Friday, April 24, 2009

Pro - pose

I just heard about this TV news reporter who proposed to his anchorwoman girlfriend on live television at the end of a news broadcast.

The Indian news channels are infatuated with this story. Its understandable, to them, this must be the most romantic thing in the world. On the face of it, it looks to be a perfectly sincere and creative way to propose. But i can't help marveling at the brilliant idea of the reporter guy. Not because of the inherently innovative way he employed, but because of the near fail-proof nature of the plan.

Think of it from the anchorwoman's point of view: This was completely unexpected. True, to some, this might just be the perfect proposal. Provided the guy is the right match.
Now consider the situation where the woman wants to say no. the catch is that she can't say no without coming across as a heartless inhuman non- friend. I mean, who the hell says no to such an innovative and wonderful proposal, right ?
For the guy, its a win-win situation: She says yes, all's well that ends well; she says no, he becomes the martyr to creativity who was shot down by the evil anchorwoman who can't appreciate genuine love.
The thing becomes even more complex for the anchorwoman if she wants to actually consider her answer, like if she wants to think it over. What could she do, with the whole world watching ?
and her boss breathing down her neck ? (Oh cmon, if she says no, think of the boss' reaction: Ratings plummet negative publicity blah blah : in short, both her personal and professional lives are screwed up). The only option for her, say yes.
Moreover, the guy gets all the credit. 'oh, how brilliant that was! ' and 'He's such a romantic'
And the woman ? She's blissfully forgotten. She's the side show.
That's called strategy.

PS: In case you are reading this, Mr reporter, ( oh yeah, now thats a stretch ! ) im sure you meant well.
Thats the second straight post that might get me labelled as crazy :-/


Full Of Life said...

Waaah! Though I read the news, I NEVER dissected it so much from anyone's point of view. One chuckle is all I gave it till I read your post.
Man, a war-strategy seems so much simpler!

Oink said...

The beauty is in the details :P

Lazy Lavender said...

Watched it with a roommate. Our reaction together was 'Aah, cheesy'. Romantic would have been if he was reporting live news, during those ending moments 'Over to so-and-so', he should have said 'Before I turn it over to you, I just want to ask-- blah blah'.

And there is no such things as negative publicity. Cut out the boss-part. :P

bOOn said...

there goes my plan of proposing while she was debugging her program....damn engineering!!!!!!!