Saturday, April 11, 2009


Some mixed feelings here. Spurred by the sudden joblessness that has creeped in lately partly due to the clarity of what im going to do the next two years and my giving up gaming altogether, these thoughts are more prominent now.
Happy i am, for me, and many of my friends, all of whom will start a new journey of their lives.
Sad i am, that i will be leaving this college and all the people i have been associated with in here, in a month, on my own path to wherever.
Hopeful i am, that these friendships will be maintained. That these memories will never be forgotten.

A longer and more detailed post on this will come, when the time is set, for us to set off from here. Till then, i shall relive these memories in the unlimited spare time i seem to be having at the moment.


Full Of Life said...

Yooooyoyoyoyoyo! IIM A-grad-to-be! FODUEST!
You NEED to give the party now...else everyone will pelt you with a dozen sticks n stones only!:P
PS: Esp. me since u have been evading one for two years now. :D :D

fiddlesticks said...

Soup is appetizer. Gear up!!!! :B

tata birla said...

@ fol, come to goa n get the party :P
@ ms, :D et toi !

Psycho Surd said...

Don't worry! People would rather be friends with a future IIM-A grad than anyone else! Lol!

Jokes apart, mehnat rang layi! Congrats man!

Vidya said...

I'm in Goa and I haven't gotten my treat yet :-/