Saturday, May 17, 2008


One of my previous posts durin the last vacations bore a similar topic. The difference, was a question mark at the end.
This post is dedicated to my newfound joy of waking up early in the morning ( ! ).
Well, the final serious (?) comprees are done with, dreaded CDCs over, a PS2 to look forward to,
things do seem to be lookin up, dont they ?
Well, no actually. Theres also this thing that iv met some fello bitsians for prolly the last time in my life. No matter how much complainin we'v done, how grudgingly we'v gone bac to campus after vacations , its still like a void, this realization that a quarter of my batchmates ill hardly meet again.
And then theres this GRE comin this july. God knows wat im gonna do, havnt started properly yet.
enrolled i have for some much needed C++ coaching, Cp1 n 2 were obviously a joke. So this vacation looks just as full to me as any.
hope i do, that my ps station will allow me to take a few days off so i can visit teh campus during waves or zephyr. Just one last time.
But now, is the time for nothingness to fil in all the void. The time for relaxation, for just dreamily watching wafting leaves in the wind from the window, waiting for all the awesome food to be digested, n drift off to sleep with no worries about anything, thinking of nothing remotely close to anythin but nothing. At least till my mum comes n tells me to do sumthin useful with my life. Like right now.
anyways, this is a pointless post, almost a re-inaugural of this dead piece of webspace. Ill post soon simply cos iv nothing better to do. till then, adios !


Vidya said...

yoyoyo oink blogging again :P nice nice ill soon hav lots 2 read :D

Full Of Life said...

YEAH! Welcome to the blogging scene again. Looks like someone is super busy these vacations! :D

rip van winkle said...

ah yes these better turn out to be hols well spent or else! and yoyo welcome back, good to have stuff to read once more :B

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

yoyo bac to broadband \m/