Monday, April 21, 2008

there and back again

okay, this has been getting kinda really bugging. iv been trying to blog for quite
some time now, but im always thwarted by this one-in-a-million amazing net
that we'r gettin here at bits. Dunno if its just my comp, but im unable to sign into my gmail,
unable to open comments in any blog, etc. But here i am at last, someone up there must have had
a hint of pity for me i guess. Or it may be the new firefox i installed.

Yesterday was the farewell party for the 2005 batch.the glorious class of 2009. felt wierd,
to be frank, im almost an engineer. or atleast supposed to be one. But let me not get into THAT
line of thought now. the thing is, college life is over. Half the people will stay on, rest will
disperse throughout the country during the next 6 months.
Its like a roller coaster ride, zig zag, up n down. These 3 years have been both slow n fast,
its been both fun n nonsensical, some unforgettable and some perfectly forgettable experiences.
Its been one huge package of sweet and sour.
the farewell was an experience in itself, suits n sarees everywhere, and everyone on a clicking spree,
finding just about any excuse to take a pic.

which is why its been quite a frustrating day for me today. Primarily because, two of the Cams in which most ofyday's farewell
pics were taken, are currentlly unusable. One lost, and another broken. So u can imagine why i feel
bloody miserable.
Ill stop here, mebbe continue some other time, when something other than sorry ramblings are pouring
out of me mind.


vinaya said...

Damn it, already?? My sympathies!

rip van winkle said...

Get me that pic or else!!!

Full Of Life said...

yup weird it was! The feeling of being an engineer! yeah..frustrating..losing pics!
can totally understand.
Nice to c u on the blogging scene.
Be there!! :D

Vidya said...

worst thing! i cant stop seeing those pics over n over.. dun worry theres someway those pics'll come 2 u :P :)

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

i want another farewell :\

Vidya said...

i want the tea party in the vgh!! that way we can take more pics, na? :)