Sunday, May 18, 2008


we all have invariably done it sometime. Irritating to some, natural to others. But all have their own style.
I first noticed it when i was as usual starin at that giant time-killing application, DC++, trying to type some answer for the king of all timepasses - trivia, when i just realised that my typin was a lil too slow for gettin any benefit out of the otherwise us3less bit of information that i had stored in my head for some god-knows-what reason. This of course , was followed by a series of apparently random letters spewed into one bigass word that nobody in this wide world gave a damn about, not even myself, and everyone just went about their business of doin whatever it is that people do. o[agjaeo[gjaeo[
they have all kinds of personality tests today. Some utterly randomly bullshit questions that u would like nothing more than to shove it up the question-setters ass , try to give you an over all picture of what you actually are, based on a few questions that will gauge you better than all the years of experience of you have having put up with yourself.
I say this is a better way to assess whatever it is that personality tests aim to assess. Everyone DO seem to have their own style, innit ?
moreover, they have the added advantage of being a tol for instant topic change, stopping whatever it is that you wanna stop for whatever reason, and begining afresh. Like now.
this is mine . Whats yours ?


rip van winkle said...

that's mine, as you well know :D nice tp, yes, to notice how people's random scribble actually follows a pattern.. there was a time when i used to think it should go up on the DNA, dental profile, fingerprint list - random tybberish, to uniquely identify a person yadda yadda
engineering, i tell you. this is wat it does to you. that, and too much trivia.

Oink said...

n all this when the exams are a hair's breadth away :-\

Vidya said...

thats mine :P
trivia rox \m/ and oink, too much pressure wont make me blog any faster! hmphh }:-[

Full Of Life said...

asdljkfadfdslk is mine. It is something that helps identify a person even when he/she is playing with a new nick. Thats how i identify 'em.

Vidya said...