Tuesday, December 18, 2007

wake - ation

Since the past few days, im not ol on gtalk. Thats sumthin quite astonishing cos im always ol on gtalk. Well thats all thanx to my awsum vacation ( ??????????????????????) if i can call it one.
lets begin by my definition of a vacation.
1.) Sleep till u like w/o botherin abt anythin
2.) Dont follow any systematic routine, become random gaussian variables ( :P ) ( gaussian is optional :P , if u wanna mingle with nature, its applicable, everythin can be approximated as gaussian in nature , and who car3s abt accuracy anyways ? :P \m/ )
3.) Dont get tired. Tiring is banned. You are supposed to relax so much that ull want to get tired in the end.
4.) Walking is punishable by extra sleep
5.) Be ol on Gtalk for a minimum of 12 hrs everyday, irrespective of wherever u r or whatever ur doin.
6.) See ur sister studying for board exams whilst u have fun. optional : become so jobless u capture a secret video of her trying to study, then show it to her and laugh :P
7.) Sleep more.

Well, i think u get the idea. However, the fates have conspired against me such that none, i repeat, in bold, none of my goals have been met. Brilliant goal programming, no wonder i got C in opti :P
well anyways, yes, i find that none of the conditions of my ideal vacation are met. And how is that?
wel for starters, i wake up daily at abt 8 ( i know ull be doin :o ) due to those stoopid drivin lessons that i left midway last summer. apparently this is the only yime the instructor is free , and my dad says it 'builds character' to wake up early n go drive.
well, thats actually the only thing thats left me fuming, cos the reason for the rest of the ideal-vacation-clauses not being fulfilled, is actually quite a pleasant one :)
i finally get to see BARC. yea, iv stayed here for abt 11 years now, and iv been inside the facility just once before as part of our school study trip. And now i have this all shiny ID card ( temporary nevertheless ) that certifies me to get into the highly secure premises of the reactors n all .... i can roam abt now ( unlike the school trip where we were like line followers :P ) and thats exactly what iv been doin last two days at least. THe formalities, thanx to contacts ;) were completed with unbelievable speed, and today all i did was roam abt. I have one word for it : Awesome.
Its almost like an abroad campus, big sprawling lawns where u can just laze off. But theres also abt a kilometer of labs full of amazing stuff, where they actually make awesome stuff , something that i can only dream abt.
Then theres the library. Sheer size will intimidate you. Though i couldnt enter it today, tomorrow promises to be a nice experience.
Then theres the sheer size of the facility. There are so many places its easy to get lost. At the same time, there are so many ppl goin arnd that it almost feels like the campus we never had :P
Theres a catch though. No mobiles or Cds or Pendrives or camers or any electronic equipment of any sort, so no pics or anythin is possible ( kinda ob actually )
also the distance u have to walk to go from one place to another is too much. As long as ur in the labs and u dont have to go to labs at opposite ends of the building ( which is abt a kilometer in length btw) , its ok. But if ur a noob like me, and u know nothing that will be of any use in places like labs , and all u do whole day is sight see, then u have to pretty much wlk almost all day. Thank Dr. Homi Bhabha for planting those awsum trees 50 years ago that today give their all encompasing shade :)
Anyways, iv hardly done anything useful, but mebbe will (have to) try to do smthin ( theres the Dad factor , dont forget that ) in the future. Anyways its a really nice experience, albeit at the cost of my ideal vacation requisites.
well thats that, i guess, i cant wait to get to that huge library of theirs tomoro :D now iv gotta sleep, cos i gotta get up at 8 tomoro, and theres this minimum sleep that any human being requires. Bon nuit :-h


Vidya said...

point no.2 O.o
dsp n stuff in hols na? champ!

9 said...

can we do sumtin to our library bak ter?.. ourselves ?
nyways.. goin by ur definition.. mebbe most of us r havin a long one bak at colg.. wid lil chgs for few.. lik gtalk replaced by wow.. wateva.. and 'point 6' by.. see those who study for compreez..

rip van winkle said...

dsp n stuff in hols? u too??? wish i could trade places with u- im supp to catch hold of some iit-ian and use their smart-card to issue beeg books and fancy journals O.o

rip van winkle said...

oh oh btw nice post :P and ive been wanting and wanting to get up before noon on hols and not hate it.. i wanna start living like a human being!!!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ vid: wish i were a champ .. cant make head or tail of this crap

@ 9: lolest i see ur point

@ ms: u really wish u wanna get up at 8 ? :o
n about not hatin gettin up b4 noon, dream on :P

Full Of Life said...

oooh awesome. Lucky pig u r (literally!) to get to see BARC so comprehensively. :P.
Enjoy the walks...im sure this is almost 90% of the physical activity u will have in next 6 months :D.
Drive well. My heart goes out to all those on the road at the same time as you :D.
spcl warning for u :
Dont sleep and drive (instead of dont drink n drive ;) )

Full Of Life said...

n yeah..nice title :D

Prachi Bansal said...

man..amazing vacation plan... tooo bad u are not able to stick to it..
i am having a gr8 time with so much cold here... told a flat no to papa today when he asked me to get out of the bed :P

Oink said...

@ fol : lol i guess im on a sightseeing project

@ tuliya :P : well it aint that bad , u know , wakin up early n all .. just the initial sluggishness 0.0