Wednesday, December 26, 2007

catch !

Another Christmas has gone past, the last one seems just like yesterday.
Christmas time is fun, at least in bombay, its one of the rare times i enjoy goin out n just watchin all the decorations all around. Malls are the best part, all kinds of unique ideas that those people conjure out from nowhere to attract crowds, all kinds of people in festive spirit to be seen everywhere, the entire atmosphere appears just jolly.
This time, apart from roaming around in the usual places, i went to the electronics hub of the city, Lamington road. The items they display there are amazing, and at unbelievable prices. They have all kinds of stuff. Anything electronic thats there in India, n sumthings that are not supposed to be, are found here. At killer rates. So one has to possess an exceptional control over the temptation to buy everything in sight. Or have an empty pocket like me. This was, surprisingly, my first visit to the place. And boy am i hooked ! i am definitely goin there once more this vacation. without an empty pocket, mind you.

This is the time of the year when people exchange gifts. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Boxing day has nothing to do with boxing. It was named so because on this day, in the medieval ages, people used to give presents inside boxes. ( though there is a variation in this story, that this day is known for the retirement of american professional boxer Rocky Marciano. Somehow i find the former reason more credible). Well, i got my perfect pre-boxing day present, in the form of a brand new black beauty acoustic guitar. Actually its been a long time coming, i had a voucher for a musical instrument purchase, n the last date was 31st of december, so it was not exactly unexpected. Nevertheless, yoyoyo ! Its all iv been occupied with for the last 2 days. Playing the chords i want n singing random things that come into my head is what iv always wanted :D

Philanthropy has always somehow found its way to me. Take my PS1 for instance. The only reason i gave Bitsunami in my top 5 options is because somehow it got planted in my mind that it might be good to be philanthropic for a change. What followed was something that i dont want to do ever again, no matter how enriching i feel it was. Well, the point is, i have once again turned philanthropist. This time though, in a different manner. Fortunately or unfortunately, ( former, if hostel life awaits her, bday durin holidays rok) my sis' Bday falls on boxing day. So what do i do ? I play my trump card and gift my brand new black beauty acoustic guitar to her on her bday. You may now bow :P

There has to be a catch in this supreme sacrifice, isint it ?

yessir , u bet there is. Common sense suggests that i just cannot possibly carry the both the Guitar and my Violin bac to campus. which means that it is stuck here at home.
get it ?
yes, you may bow again :P


rip van winkle said...

applause :P

Vidya said...

nonsense! :P
n belated bday wishes to ur sis (her name's cyndhri na? argh spellin wrong i guess)
and ya wht cool stuff r these tht u found on lamington road?

Full Of Life said...

Lamington road! Ah...been wanting to go there for so long. Come Jan-end may actually go there.
Bravo! for the nice gift. ( btw b'days in college times are far more enjoyable than in holidays. :P)
PS: How was ur driving test. Can i expect a treat ? :P

Full Of Life said...

n Happy Belated Birthday to your sis. (December born ppl roxx \m/ :P )

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ giz : Well, for one, u have small roadside shops that u wouldnt imagine havin anythin useful, but on a closer inspection , u find they have all the ICs in the world.
movin on to better stuff, u have motion dectecting sensors ( tubelights that switch off when u dont move in their vicinity for sum time, read: sleep durin work ) , all kinds of kits for makin robots, i even saw a Dopod in there sumwhere. :D

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ fol n Giz : thanx, ill pass on d mesg,
@ fol, i aced drivin test ( if u can cal that one) \m/, n no u cant expect a treat :P

Vidya said...

ooooooh niceeee!! moi wants 2 see tht place! :P

Full Of Life said...


vinaya said...

You do watch FRIENDS, dont you? Remember Joey's there is no such thing as a selfless good deed?