Monday, December 31, 2007

goodbye to james bond

The air is chilly. So much, i feel like making a sauce out of it n eating it with pizza.
Mumbai has a minimum temp of 13.8 degrees. And people went to Darjeeling these hols, ROFL.
MoodI was great, though i missed Livewire. in fact i think i should say, because i missed Livewire.
anyways, Christmas has come and gone, and the year is about to draw to a close.
So of course, i shall embark upon the much trodden path of makin the new year resolution.

So how do i go about it ? After much contemplating, i find myself at square one. But i am determined to succeed by the end of this post. My aim, is to find my optimum new year resolution that i can stick to. The resolution must be such that it offers ample oppurtunity for other activities to run, it does not hamper any other interests of mine, and most of all, does not slow me down.
Deciding on my new year resolutions isint new to me. Sticking to them is. The major problem is that they get boring. Quotes about embracing change never look more attractive. And there goes the resolution painstakingly adopted.
Another problem is that everyone has so many opinions about what to decide upon. This time however, i have decided to just introspect, and see whats best for me. Forget about what the world feels. Just do it. Nike .
So just why do i find it difficult to stick long enough ? Wel, one reason is already mentioned, they get boring. I do accept, on the surface, it might mean nothing at all. I mean, what implications could my new year resolution have on how the overall year goes? But it does ! It is major deterrant to many activities that you might be tempted to pursue, but should'nt. So, i decide now, to really stick to my resolution this year, no matter what. Many times i feel there should be a locking system in place, that ensures that what resolution u adopt, u have to stick to it. Japanese people, im waiting.
Im still not started about my resolution. Hmm. Not an inch from square one. Its the 31st of december. 9 pm . I debate with myself wether to put thhis off till 11:59:00, give it a full 59 seconds, and then stick to whatever random one i pick. Im sure though it wont make my task of sticking to it any easier than the previous years. But then at least i wont have myself, or rather my bad decision skills to blame. Fate is so much better a scapegoat.
But no, difficult paths must be tread upon, hard choices have to be made. and i have made mine. This post shall be the bearer of the beacon that lights my future path. with this out of my way, i now come bac to square one.
Now, which direction should i choose ? lets say i have a few resolutions in mind. Like in goal programming, i must prioritize my goals. Lets name them A, B, C etc etc

A --> Hmm. Looks tempting. But it comes at a cost. Will reduce my working speed. Hmm lets see. Will have to devote all my resource to follow this one.
B --> A bit less attractive than 'A', nevertheless, quite costly on multitasking. Will have to devote almost all my resources for it.
C --> Hmm. Difficult. Not that attractive as the previous two, but quite easy on my other activities. I shouldnt take this up if i want to increase my chances of sticking to it though, as it defnitely lacks the sexy look.
D --> The most bland one, lowest level that one can expect. However, i can work with ease. Multitasking also is unhindered. will go easy on my limited resources. The only problem is that it is glaringly ugly. Not something that i shall be proud to stick to every morning(?) i wake up n have a look.

well looking at the pros n cons, like a pro, i decide. Yes. Now that yet another new year's resolution has been decided, i shall strive to stick to it like fevicol.

Got it ?

Yes, my new years resolution is

D : 640 X 480 . yoyo . Now i wont play games like WoW ( i wish ).

Ahh. even though i know most wont appreciate the fine art of such pointless Mokkai, Pj , Fattas watever, i thoroughly enjoyed finishing the year with one big one :-B. Hope to continue the following year with more :-B
heres wishing a happy new year to all.
PS : Hope u understood the topic :P


Vidya said...

hey! ive decided not 2 make any resolutions this year, at least not at the start itself, weird eh? i was readin my last years diary , there were 10 resolutions, wont say nemore :-| .. neway, happy '08! ur mokkais cant get worse, james bond indeed!! n the 640x480, omfg!

rip van winkle said...

niceeee :D u have a thing for giving a beeg build up and then whoosh, one plummet down to solid earth na??

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ giz : u mean u gonna make resolutions sum time after the new year ? yea, wierd :P

@ ripvan : yep !! n esppecially love to watch ppl's varied reactions to them :D

Vidya said...

yea, will make resolutions as time demands em! :P

Full Of Life said...

Ahh! Call it my "pro-ness" or a frequency match :P, I was expecting some dimensions the minute I read the word "resolution". Lol only.
N yea nice topic!!!
I m still deciding my resolutions!!! :D
PS: your pj of the year was definitely "Sach-in-tendulkar." Nothing to beat that. :D I hope 2008 brings better ones.

9 said...

u hv sumtin better than wow??!! :P happy oh eight

vinaya said...

If earthmen are supposed to understand that, i am certainly from mars!!
The comments helped. Now, all that remains to be understood is the title.

me, as i am said...

hmmm... nice. :) so this got me thinking about my new years resolution... a lil late, but 'embracing change' a lil for a change is, well, a change from the normal. (O.o. ok u've got competition)


(drumroll) "so, my new years resolution is..." (increase in teh intensity and the volume of the drumroll, tension in the air) "is..."

(drumroll reaches its climax)

(drumroll ends)

not to make ne new years resolutions.

o damn, i think i just broke mine :P :D

me, as i am said...

* 'embracing change' a lil late ....