Sunday, December 23, 2007

Change for once !

For once, i feel an impulse to discuss politics here. And what better topic can i get than the currently hot topic on all news channels : the decimation of the Congress in the Guj elections.
Narendra Modi has done it again. Not just a victory, a two-thirds majority, for a second consecutive time, a third straight term, which is sumthin quite remarkable in the Indian scenario, almost unprecedented in recent times. Keeping in mind the anti-incumbency factor which was the bane of the BJP in the last general elections, pouring cold water over their 'shining India' campaign, Mr. Modi has to be appreciated, for very effective politics right upto the state elections. Perhaps the most satisfactory result for the BJP will be the way in which the big name rebels lost their constituencies.
A lot has been said about the 'Modi' factor. The man who has been denounced by a large section of the media, the main perpetrator of the gujrat riots, the strongman of hindutva politics, the person who was denied the US visa some time back, is now appearing to be quite invincible. So much that there is talk of his ambitions no longer being limited to the state. Though the BJP would be toasting their victory, and congress licking its wounds, it would be prudent for both parties, to not see too much into the elections. Gujrat has always been a BJP stronghold. There is not much surprise that it has won it yet again. The UPA on the other hand, though expected to make inroads, did not. Although this spells bad news for the campaigners in the state, it hardly has any effect in national politics. Yes, the general elections have been pushed beyond mid 2008, and perhaps the biggest effect will be on the nuclear deal, with the UPA trying to appease the left. However, at the center, the BJP opposition is still too weak to even think of countering the UPA. A higher victory margin is in no way indicative of the type of shift, if at all there is one, at the centre. This is because although Modi may have almost become a larger than life figure in Gujrat, his policies and his agenda will only make life for the already chaotic BJP tougher. Mr. Arun Jaitley hinted at the fact that Mr Modi may play a bigger role at the centre following his huge victory. This would be suicide for the BJP, and a fitting christmas gift for the UPA. If there are any lateral thinkers in the BJP, they would reconsider any thought of reverting back to hindutva politics, as it would be political suicide, both from the coalition point of view, and the votebank point of view.
The UPA, on the other hand, must take steps to ensure that this is not repeated in any other state. The year 2007 has been very bad for the UPA. It has lost many states that formerly were its stronghold. However, the bastion of the UPA is far from weak, let alone a depleted opposition with almost no firepower in its arsenal be able to conquer it. The main aim of the UPA must now be to consolidate its already achieved victories. They must realize that when the next general elections are held, the yardstick of good governance would only have increased. It is up to them to match up to the expectations if any hiccups in their election victory are to be avoided.
Well, now that thats let out, ill sleep :)
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Vidya said...

yea, amazin victory for bjp.. they shud go-yoyoyoyyo.. personally, am happy with their victory, i was never a fan of congress.. and from what ive read n seen, it looks like modi is an able man n hes done quite a bit for gujarat.. yea, the major drawback is hindutva n such blah stuff.. sad to see that in a so called secular country such religious issues prevails in such large numbers.. btw u pro upa?

Vidya said...

oh btw u stole my topic!}:-[ i wanted 2 blog on similar lines, now dont feel like.. so nothin 2day :P

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

hmm no comments on the bjp victory as such .. nah me not pro UPA at all .. in fact me anti anyone who plays caste or religion politics .. so basically that means everyone :P
but most of all im anti BSP thank god mayawati dint win a single seat in gujarat serves her right ... ( thats cos she's introduced 30% reservation in private sector jobs as well in UP , the other states will folo suit no doubt :( )

Full Of Life said...

Political talk not my cup of tea. I keep track but personally despise each and every single person associated with politics.
(Dont ask me then who should be governing the country!) :D

Saniya said...

i just pray that the myopic indian population wakes up before they make this killer the prime minister someday..