Saturday, December 15, 2007

Countless nothingZzz

Im Baaac, both home n to blogging :)
The sem's gone by like the wind, n amazingly fast though it has been, uneventful it has not.
firstly, i got a chance to see our mother campus, twas a great experience, albeit at the cost of t2.
secondly, the semester was my WoW sem :D , tauren Druids rock !
One striking feature of this sem was that it seemed so full. Hardly any breathing space, i felt as if i was givin exams all the time. Bless my corridor though, i always felt at peace when i saw the gamers inc. continuing with their daily routines ( sleeping, gaming, n sometimes eating ) mindless of the external influences.
well, the happy days are here again, thats what matters, im home, with this blissful single-click-page-open broadband connection, the delicious aroma of lunch waiting for me to devour it like a mad starving animal, and of course, the arsenal-chelsea match later tonite :).
My incomplete driving lessons will resume , at the end of which ill get my license at long last . Its really been a long time coming.
actually i dont have any particular topic to write here on this lazy sunday afternoon, and obviously im too convieniently lazy to think of one. so i shall just continue to ramble along until i get bored of typin :)
I tried to watch TV earlier today. Tried . That itself is a thing to be shocked about. because i dont try to watch TV. I just watch it. As long as somethings moving on the screen. But the way it has changed, i dunno how anyone can watch anything anymore on TV. Especially Cartoon network, they'v commited a henious crime by changing it to its current state. I remember dreamily as i used to sit hours in frontof the TV watchin my fav cartoons in the afternoon after cmin home from school : Pinky and the Brain, The Mask, Dexter's Lab, Centurions, Johnny quest, X-men evolution, Justice league, ninja robots, The mummy, and what not! Gems, i tell u. But CN has changed beyond recognition. Add to that the mutilated voice transmission of Discovery , that too in hindi , and its enough to make me switch off the TV and sit in front of the comp. So all i watch nowdays are the news channels, though i admit it does get a bit boring when u see the same news repeat every hour.
There's one consolation though. I have something to do at these times of crisis. Newspaper.
If one things changed for the worse, there has to be some change for the better innit ? Newspapers are the answer. i Used to read the paper for about an hour everyday, before cmin to bits. Sad to say, that time was reduced by a substantial amount in campus. this time when i came bac home, i found an overwhelming amount of stuff to read. All of a sudden, due to some wierd offer by our local newspaper vendor, we have started recieving enormous amounts of newspapers everyday. On the surface it looks like an unusually fat edition of the Times of India. On a closer look, i see we get apart from the Times, Mumbai Mirror, Dna, Afterhours, Bombay Times, and a host of other fringe papers that by no means form a small chunk of the newspapers. Added to that theres this special double technology n science paper for colony residents, and heres a perfect setting for my 1 hour of newspaper reading to be converted to 10 hrs. It sorta makes up for the lack of proper TV programmes.
It really is a marvel to see how empty my head is right now. Theres no need for me to think about anything :D aaah this is truly bliss.
now im also feelin drowsy..... drowsy ... sleeepy ....sleeeeeepyy ........


sleeeeeepy ...




Sindhuja said...

OMG!! :-O
Poi thoongu.. Don't tell me that you got your inspiration for this sleepy ramble from me!!

Full Of Life said...

Welcome to the club of cant-watch-TV people. Though Im surprised it was YOU of all people who joined it. Similar stuff here as well. Enjoy.

Vidya said...

ah i still loveee to keep changing channels over n over..hey music channels aint bad,nor r the sports ones.. hbo does play decent movies.. i prefer watchin tv n doin other things over the comp despite the one-click-page-open connection! ah weird!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ sindhujaa : at that time i really was feelin very sleepy.. that too after abt 10 hrs of sleep the day before :) had barely enough sense to shut down to pc n then go to sleep :P
@ fol : lol, despite all my tellin this n that, i still watch a substantially larger amount of tv than most ppl 0.0
@ gizmo : wierd, totally !

rip van winkle said...

never could watch tv in the first place, leave alone having trouble getting back to it now. but yes, finally back to civilization, and catching up with the wide world around us :) currently, though, im doing little more than taking out 2months'worth of Metro Plus's and doing the crossword. so fun not having to wait till the next day to check solutions :D vetti eh

9 said...

all media bein shitty.. ofcorse bein good as well.. n dude.. let discovery reach more pple in India.. u had enuf.. ;) 'NDTV good times'.. a new one.. not bad :P.. n be a citizen journalist for CNN IBN.. intrsting.. ;)

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ RipVan : constructive vettiness :P
@ 9 lol .. yea .. cnnibn n ndtv are the only things i watch .. but for cj, there has to be some incident na .. which is hardly the case in my quaint neighbourhood :P nice idea though :)