Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long un

its ironic, isin't it , that i never posted when i was at the pinnacle of joblessness, but now that im buried under with never ending assignments deadlines etc, this is my second post in, what, 4 days ?

Well, not quite. There is this thing of having something to post about. Or even if nothing very postable has happened in the recent past, at least something other than nothing that is getting on your nerves. What has happened is that im totaly sick of this fart course that im having to study, this has no credits whatsoever, just random philosophical stuff picked out from heaven knows where, pages and pages of globalization of a few random, repeating, so-called facts, which is then randomly shot down, ending with something of the 'we can't really decide at this point' variety, and all this after about the only 100 odd pages of reading assignment even before the subject has actually begun as part of the classes, and as if this wern't enough, making this a group assignment so you can't even finish this at your own pace, but have to wait and match teh schedules of everyone in the group, wait for everyone to finish their part, which seldom happens synchronously, so that the thing that you could have done, with tremendous application and focus, i have to add, say, in less than an hour and a half, you end up not completing even in a little over 3 hours, the remaining of which you spill over for the next day, when you'd rather be pursuing other things, sleep being one of them.

Now that that not so short a sentence is complete, my mind is fresh again, and i shall resume attacking this mundane 0 credit subject.


Full Of Life said...

Lol. Yea, i've experienced that post-when-you-are-at-your-busiest syndrome. Your assignment sounds like fun :P :P
Enjoy maadi!

smilingassassin said...

Next time we meet remind me to introduce you to someone... FULLSTOP!