Thursday, August 27, 2009

The experience

I'm back to the blogging scene as a temporary moment of insanity consumes me, what with the hellish week we've been having after the blissful no-quiz routine that I had unfortunately gotten quite used to.
Three surprise quizzes in three days, not entirely unexpected. So whats the surprise here ?
Well, owing to the fact that the we were strangely fortunate to have the last week declared as a no-quiz week, which of course resulted in some pretty crude celebrations, the likes of which had hardly been seen during the second week after midterms, the time when the word 'quiz' becomes the most feared thing, and it was pretty much expected that after that piece of good..,no, supremely outstanding piece of good fortune, the third week was pretty much gonna be a killer.

And it has lived upto our expectations. Though the surprise element in there being a quiz has been obliviated, there is still the aspect of which subject.
To make matters even more convenient, all subjects are completely up to date on the 'askable-in-quiz' part of portions, so there's no respite for us poor over exploited souls.

Now that the cribbing part has been dealt with, I must say the last week was quite fabulous. Though the number of assignments was in no measure small, the feeling of impending doom in the quiz that might happen the next day was conspicuously absent :D.
Of course, one gets immune to such tactics by the system to bow you down to submission.
I saw the Arsenal game yesterday although there was the really horrible prospect of there being a quiz in one of particularly disastrous (for me) two courses, and then blissfully slept off.

One of the consequenses of which was that I was totally unprepared for a class (Unprepared here does not mean not read the case or something, that I never do anyways, unprepared means we had a presentation by a random group in class, and our group had not done anything, which, btw, is a cardinal sin at iima).
God helps those who help themselves, and He also helps Oink from time to time. After some nerve wreaking random group number generating moments, I heaved a sigh of relieef.

My phone rang. That itself is quite phenomenal as my phone seldom rings. Putting that aside, my phone rang today in class. It was then that the thought struck me that today might be quite my lucky day. The unbelievable part was that the phone rang 5 minutes after the class was over, in the 15 minute break given between classes. It was not in silent. 5 minutes earlier, or 10 minutes later, and I would have been screwed. Yet another inexpilcable quirk of fate, only this time, and its been some time coming, in my favor.

To top it all, the two subjects I was abso-freaking-lutely dreading, had no quiz today. It was some random globe subject that was to take the honors of having a quiz today. Though I have no idea how I have done, I do know that I shall not flunk.

Well, time seems to not whoosh by you, it seems to actually disapparate and leave you with a 'Smack! you're late!' feeling.
That feeling's just struck me now, and i realize i gotta rush.



Neeraj said...

is this in blog terms what you would call the elevator pitch? lol

nice post

Full Of Life said...

Lol, it looks like you've typed the entire stuff in fast forward mode, somehow reading it gives the same feeling.

All I could find was quiz quiz and more quiz spread all over!

Keep blogging...

fiddlesticks said...

Well, time seems to not whoosh by you, it seems to actually disapparate and leave you with a 'Smack! you're late!' feeling

LOL! Bang on! As for the rest, 'good luck' is all I can think of to say!

tata birla said...

lol @ kedar n fol
yeah, I did kind of post this in a hurry :-B
where's the iimb experience ?? Cmon! ur readers are waiting !

fiddlesticks said...

Long wait ahead, looks like :P