Thursday, June 25, 2009


Its 3 20 am, tomorrow's the, correction, today's the first iim ahmedabad class for us. I just thought i'd post a small post before going off to sleep. Yes, im sleeping at 3 am, its wayy to early by iima standards, seeing as i'v been sleepin not before 5 the last two days, when classes were non existent. Today, after preparation of two cases and an assignment, all this before even a millisecond of class is underway for that mba degree waiting at the end, i feel a sense of deep satisaction. For the past two days iv been more busy than my entire stint at bits put together, minus the waves time.
The thing is, im loving it. This is what college should be like. Bits had its own awesome moments. Its just that i needed a change, and this is just it. I have so much fallen for this place.
I should really not be spending any spare time doing anything other than sleeping, as its a rare commodity here, even before the first bouncer has been bowled by the profs. The seniors are the most amazing people i'v ever met. They not only inspire, not only are they the most helpful, they are almost the managers that one would expect out of this hyped an institute. i am awed by the tremendous change that one year at B-school brings to the personality. The way things are gone about here is just ... inspiring. I never quite believed the hype associated with these so called premier institutes. But i see now that it does change you, and for the better. Management is much more than a load of tosh, as i have come to experience these past few days.
I just hope this love affair lasts a long long time.


Vidya said...

scope zzzz
where did you find time to post?! nice :D

dnyanesh / dyno said...

nice really. Round the clock is the best way to live

fiddlesticks said...

iimba is iimbangalore :/

but yes, its interesting to think of life without 10 hours of sleep per day :D (to say the least, anyway)

bOOn said...

same pinch.....i wouldn't have said it any differently

One more level.. said...

There's a guy in ur batch, Salil. One of a kind, that guy is. Whenever I call him up to ask some random shit about CAT, he talks to me as if he's got plenty of time on his hands despite being in A (where I guess, you've got to work round the clock?)
But then again, that could be what managing is all about. Atb man. I hope that one day the whole country reverberates with your Oinks.

Shantanu said...

dude.. did you really think this love affair would last...??