Monday, May 18, 2009

ID Mubarak !

Okay, my stint in bits comes to an end, and im back to blogger. Net speed is now back to what i would like it to be.
On my way home from bits, i was thinking about the alarming amount of time i spend in front of my computer, especially if i have nothing to do. well, yours truly decided that once home, the computer will get to see a lot less of me.
It went on well on Day 1. The laptop lay blissfully packed in its cover, and the resolution looked to live the first day.
Only to be spectacularly broken the second day. Not that i became desperate or anything. What just started with a seemingly harmless pestering by my sis to open the laptop and show her all that i'd downloaded from DC in college, snowballed into the breaking of my resolution that i had really wanted to keep.
again, it started because of the fact that my sis, what with her unique name n all, could get, at quite a late stage, an email id Pure. elegant.
Thus began my attempt at obtaining elegant emails.
Obviously, was not an option, courtesy my oh-so-not-uncommon name.
Then began the variations, ranging from myname.initial to initialmyname, to all possible variations that i percieved to be an email worthy of posting in my ceve.
I gave up in the end, cursing the day when i chose horcruxer as my email id, when i could very well have gotten any damn ID that i had wanted, seeing as gmail had just been launched then and was through invites only.
Then comes microsoft to the rescue :D . apparently they have launched this, a new thing that combines multiple windows utilities. What the heck, who cares. All i care is that i got my ID :D :D
yoyo. Now i'l re-resolve to not sit in front of the comp for to long. Hopefully, nothing as interesting as this will come up in the next 2-3 weeks. ( ??!!! )
ID mubarak to me :D


U.Sidharth Bhat said...

Pro Pogi! \m/ :)

fiddlesticks said...

As long as you can blog (regularly) without exceeding that time limit, whatever it is - good luck with the resolution! :P

Lazy Lavender said...

Pick up a book. That should do.

(A strict No-No to ebooks please.)

tata birla said...

@ uc & ms : et toi !
@ lavender : yeah, thats what iv been doing :D