Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bu ... zZZzzZzzzZZZ ... y ?

Another Wednesday has come n gone. The significance of this apparently innocent just-another-day which many ppl mite regard as not even close to competing with that eternal topper of the horror-day-list, monday,can be mainly realised by the ENI group of Bits-Goa. 8 bloody hours of classes ( ok ok i dint attend all of em, i aint that mad ) n after that this meeting n that , has me pooped as always. It indeed is a wonder how im even typing this post, its prolly because right now im in a relaxed position just abt to drift off into that wonder of a thing - sleep, happy that tomorow aint gonna be as hectic as today, lookin forwad to those blissful hours when there is no worry in the world, oblivious to anything im just floating in my own fantasy world where things are just, different. Well, ill not go too deep into that, but the fact of the matter is that no matter how much i dread each coming wednesday, more so for that waste of a prac - DECO, n its stoopid pointless assignments that the profs religiously adhere to, thinking that their overly sincere students do all of it by themselves, when my assignment is nothing more than a compilation of the best collection of assignments done by the previous batches, a thouht stil lingers at the end of each wednesday, that keeps me alive at the end of all that. It is not a happy thought, it is like that thought that kept Sirius Black sane in Azkaban , shielding him from the Dementors' powers. That at least im not wasting away my time doing nothing, even if it means being just physically present for most of the commitments that i usually end up with.There is , in the end , a sense of satisfaction that at least today, i have been occupied with something other than sleep.
But the funny thing is, after all this, i sleep. No thats not the funny thing, i dont just sleep, i sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. Usually for abt a day. It quite destroys the entire point of being so-called-busy on wednesday. Thursdays are usually a full holiday for me due to stoopid practises like staying up late after such an unusually packed day writing a post in my blog which isint gonna get me any pulitzer anyways. I mean, just why do i have to choose this day for posting ? Drive some sense into me, someone. With a valid liscence, mind u. ( :P )
Ok iv let that out, now mebbe something other than general nonsense will come outta my mind into this post.
The elections are over, results out, celebrations done with, dissapointments kept aside, n just a tiny whiff of that impending doom, Test1. To those who are gettin any ideas, no, i havnt started anything as yet, nor do i intend to, as i know i wont be able to this early, even if i want to.add to all that a million , no, correction, a zillion worries n choices n responsibilities n what nots, n its the perfect situation for some disaster management plan to come into effect.
i gather im still just blaberring, so in case ur wondering when all this is gonna end, ur right there. Here it ends, not because im bored of typing or anything, but because im feeling pity for the people who have no other useful work than reading all this almost random assemblage of angrez words.I wonder what comments this post will gather. (here i go again.)



vinaya said...

Periya Scott Adams nu nanaipo? :D
He is brilliant some days, isnt he?

Full Of Life said...

Agree with you on the "killer Wednesdays" thing. Its bad for me too. But atleast you have sane thoughts at the end of it. ( and a self-declared holiday to look forward to!!!) I have none of that.
Nice! n heres why u post on the busiest day - The maximum no. of things happen to you and the maximum thoughts come to your head . (thats due to being awake for a long time ;) )

rip van winkle said...

ahem. i share your time table and yet, my wednesdays are quite light, except for the 3 hours in a201. some day i shall pay, i know, possibly in the very near future.impending doom is right! :(

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ vn scott is just too good on most days, talk abt repetitive hypnotism !

@ fol nah i dont post on wednesdays bcos of the thoughts n all, i actually support scott's hologram - origin theory, only with a tiny difference of me being the hologram programmer of ancient origins.

@ripvan ahhhemm , 3 hrs is the hectic schedule im talkin abt, of course i dont go to other classes, n yea rite, if its impending doom for you then id better start non existing rite now ! :P

Gizmo said...

lol! hilarious post for watever reason!! i share the same feeling except the fact that ive 2 labs n tht am the 1st batch in both those.. yea, am the batch frm which u ppl copy :P .. its ok.. as u say somethin 2 keep me occupied other than my sleep which is of course otherwise interrupted by stupid labs, reports :)

ps- eee roxxxxx!!!! :P

Gizmo said...

btw y d change of font frm arial to times new roman?

Helen of Troy said...

wednesdays so hectic for me too...but we got first hour free :P
and u can't even imagine how happy a free first hour makes me!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ gizmo : the font change thing is just an instrument of destiny ... random kliking here n there, n voila! we have the Times ! jlt i kliked sumthin .. dint even know it was times new roman ..

@ helen hmm u got first hour free ? just lemme pour a dampner over ur joy >:-] -- it means u woke up at 8 am, n then found out that it was in vain ? muahahahh