Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Survival of the fittest ?

Mankind has always been a survivor. No matter what the odds, we have prevailed. Sheer grit n the natural tendency to survive, has had us brave calamities of astronomical proportions. After each of these disasters, there has been a marked change in the way mankind has chosen to live. An example is the 9/11 disaster. There is no need to describe the aftereffects of it. Terrorism has now become a household word, n the repurcussions of it have been more than obvious.
Bitsians have been witness to numerous such catastrophes, but in the end, always we have prevailed. I am talking of course, about the upcoming test1.
It is quite amusing, to see the change of habits that a test inspires. The atmosphere suddenly becomes tense, tempers run high, frustration becomes more than common, and there are certainly more papyrus sightings than before. The mood goes from jolly to sombre, suddenly, from lan the focus shifts to ftp, some people think of buying the textbooks at last, and the regular class attenders are besieged with requests to help out those less fortunate. It is during this time that typically chill dudes are in a frenzy as to what to do about the overwhelming portion, common room get togethers become a rarity unless there be an india pak match ( or a ManU - chelsea match ) , more people roam the corridors, n sounds emnating from the rooms are more of songs than the usual game sounds. I admit the true frenzy has not yet started, there is still apparently some time before the effect is most significant, nevertheless, the signs are ominous.

Where there was general discussion about this strat in that map in CS, there is now this component in that circuit in MuE. Where there was talk of these many spectators for the tournament finals, there is now these many pages in that subject. I have to admit though, all this does make me a bit uneasy. I mean, look at me, writing this post, while there are at least a hundred in campus at this very moment who'll be immersed in their books.
Coming to that, the books are a headache in themselves. I get intimidated by the sheer size of some of them. n theres always the braggart somewhere who'll keep askin doubts from here n there to show off his depth of understanding the subject, as if there is even the remotest of chances that ill be able to comprehend the meaning of his doubt. No matter how much i convince myself to forget about such instances, theres always this lurking thought in the deepest trenches of my mind, that ill have to start sometime soon, how soon is soon, that we'll have to see.
All in all, while preparations begin for this impending doom, i brace myself for the inevietable. One thing, however, that keeps insanity at bay, is the knowledge that we are the survivors, that no matter what the cruel n twisted way of fate has in store for us, no matter what unseen horrors are hurled at us, we shall always emerge from the ashes rising like a phoenix, awe-inspiring the next generation of people who are as yet unexposed to the horrors of engineering, only to be decimated once again by t2. However, theres time for t2, i promise u i shall also rise up like a pheonix n come up with yet another post just before t2. until then, all the best to all, i shall not be posting till post t1 unless it be for some awesome trigger , as i now also have t1 as a cover up for the draught of ideas that has left me with no proper topic to talk about.

PS: i typed Go this time not due to an overdosage of scott adams, but due to lack of ideas for conclusion. Damn the draught !


Full Of Life said...

Superbly written!!! The transition of moods does leave u feeling a little disquiet :D . But I guess when the mood shifts its more painful than living in the middle of a bunch of nerds who sleep at 10 n get up at 4 (Exam or no exam!!) N yea..we will survive enigneering. Thats for sure :D. All the best to you too !!

Gizmo said...

is she talkin abt herself? :P
neway same here ive no clue of what 2 do n the worst thing am still writin reports at this point of time!!
watever! all the very best! may v all do well :)

9 said...

not a plan widout the clause.. "after t1".. ofcorse .. no plans to study..

rip van winkle said...

..i promise u i shall also rise up like a pheonix n come up with yet another post just before t2..
t2's come n gone n theres been no change to this page! i feel like readin, cmon post!!

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

same goes for you, missy ! @ ripvan