Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yes , Mr. President ?

Its that time of the year again, when there is no dearth of entertainment all around the campus for those in Bitsg. The ominous signs began appearing a few weeks back itself, power equations being formulated, alliances broken and forged, which has now finally culminated in full large scale campaigning. The big presidential debate's tomorrow, n as always is expected to be one of the most entertaining sessions of debate in the campus. For the past two years, iv been thoroughly enjoying all the antics of the candidates as they go from hostel to hostel , room to room, person to person, all trying to convince ppl to give them their precious vote. The best part is when they come across a person who is overly intrested in them doing some substantial progress pertaining to something in the campus, usually some new infrastructure. It is always intresting to see how the candidates cleverly dodge n survive these inquisitive voters n give an answer that either satisfies them or silences them. These candidates are usually always flanked by their supporters, who resque them should any sticky situation arise. Yes sir, election is indeed a serious matter here in bpgc !
This year, however, the scenario is far more interesting than the previous ones, for me especially, primarily because i personally know most of the candidates for the top positions, in fact, two of the candidates vying for the post of prez are my very good friends The fact that they too are quite friendly with each other and are now placed as opponents in a battle for the top most position that promises to get quite interesting, has made this election an event not to miss at any cost. I havnt decided for whom ill cast my vote, i know both of them equally well, but well, even if i have decided, its a secret ballot, so shoo off. Anyways, it is gonna be a pitched battle for the prez post at least, and im planning to enjoy every step of it :D.
At a personal level, i feel that elections are a fun thing, provided one isint dragged in to be a part of the many murky details n controversies that invariably always dog the campaigners. Elections are fun from the distance. I havnt stood ever, not even out of curiosity of how many ppl would vote for a maniac like me, mainly because, it makes more enemies than friends, creates more animosity than openness. Coupled with the fact that one is expected to sacrifice their morning sleep to keep up with the responsibilities that come with a post , i feel it is not a thing worth plunging into. Just spectate n enjoy while the multidirectional tug-of-war continues, and of course not compromise on that absolutely necessary ingredient for most ppl - sleep :P .
This time, apart from the usual hurricane of questions n queries hurled at the campaigners, the issue of placements will feature as one of the most prominent and intresting topics that the wannabe presidents n VPs must address. Their stance will be quite interesting to note.
Meanwhile, third year continues to keep me occupied like never before since the ancient pre - engg era. From useless attendance n surprise tests to false rumours of to be conducted tests that force even the likes of me to attend the most boring of lectures, to some classes that simply cannot afford to be missed, to a lil bit too frequent meetings of the music club working comittee, the just commenced but real fun french classes, and of course to cap it all, the insane project that i seem to have fancied myself to do last sem, but the repurcussions of which are only just begining to have an effect. The best part, however, is that im liking this activity thats been missing for like 2 years. Well, wether this is an augury or just another phase, one has to wait n see. With this i sign off, the french way :P
Bon nuit


Gizmo said...

yes!! nice one!!! oh gawd! dirty dirty politics.. 1st time am actually invoved.. hostel elections but still... its turned out to b a nasty batch ego contest.. not the way the cmb intended it 2 b.. my oh my! too much hatred in the air.. n i DONT like it at all.. i want it to b d 1st n i wanna WIN!! :)

Full Of Life said...

Good one!! I totally agree..the elections are fun this time! Its def more fun coz its our batch contesting for the top positions as u said. Good to hear u r enjoying urself! Language classes r the most hilarious! Have a blast! :D

Sindhuja said...

Elections are fun??!!
I'm glad you haven't put a stop to blogging after coming to college.
And hey, don't ever compromise your sleep!!

rip van winkle said...

naaice one :) mostly agree, except i sure hope ive made more friends than enemies!! hostel elections such a mess, like giz said. she better win!!!!!!!! :D

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ gizmo : just go to the rescue of juniors durin a 'pre-arranged ragging session' n voila ! u have their votes :P
anyways all the best
@ Fol : lol yea lang classes are seriously lol ... feel like im bac to
nursery or smthin learnin ABCD :D ... helps to brush off that old age feeling :P

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ sindhuja : lol of course elections are funn !!! wen else will u see such brilliant acting ! its like going home to the movies !
n abt the sleep part , only one word: OB !

kniOledge ( Oink ) said...

@ ripvan : oh yea ... even if u may have had some election-induced hostility in the begining, i think u silenced all critics durin the culturals ! iv seen u more than the event organizers wenever any cultural event was held in the audi ! Too much work , if u ask me :P

vinaya said...

Aah.. elections! Brings back a thousand memories, of how we used to look for ways to get into the mess without getting caught by the campaigners and their pamphlets. And of the one time i let myself be talked into door to door campaigning. For once, i'm gald i'm out!