Thursday, December 24, 2009

Its that time of the year again ...

Its christmas time again ! \m/
This has always been my favorite time of the year... everything and everyone around is so ...happy :D
I thought about it today, and discovered that there are many reasons as to why I like christmas time more than any other time of the year:

1.) Its just a purely happy time :D, although other festivals like diwali also are similar in theri happiness quotient
2.) There are festivities all around, everything just becomes so colorful. I like that :D ( again, diwali scores here )
3.) The holidays are neither too short, nor too long. Diwali time, the holiday is generally too short :-/
4.) Even after christmas eve and christmas, the holidays continue for a few more days at least. And theres also the new year which is another happy day. That keeps up my optimism :D
New year is also a happy time, but there's the whole new year ahead, that somehow feels like a monday :| . Diwali, of course, is standalone.
5.) There are no colors or crackers or insanely loud sounds that one usually experiences during Diwali or holi. I like this way better. Of course, the year would be too empty and drab without the diwali and its crackers and colors, but once a year seems to be just perfect.
6.) The whole world celebrates ! I like to imagine people in various countries, celebrating in their own way

there might be some more points, but I'm too happy to think of any more right now :D
There's this carol singing that the institute has organised, and I just came from there... although I'm bang in the middle of term end exams, today's the day when I blissfully enjoy the moment :D

Just felt like posting and spreading some of this happiness that invariably swells up inside me every year during christmas :D
merry christmas and a happy new year to all !


fiddlesticks said...

And you, sonny! Hohoho! :B

Anonymous said...


Shwetha said...

enna da? Are you converting? ;-)

Shwetha said...

enna da? Are you converting? ;-)

Oink said...

:D :P

@bets : remember all the discussions we used to have about kapali kovil and all ? the foreigner thingy, etc ? :D And you used to get really worked up regarding that :P

kartik.krovvidi said...

aah! carol singing! nice to hear about such a thing, I always felt sad, such things ended in school itself.

Vidya said...

you too!
happy is the word! :D

Oink said...