Monday, November 30, 2009

Musical musings

I always associate a particular song with a particular period in my life. I don't do it consciously, it just sort of associates itself with that time, and whenever I hear that music, I'm flooded with memories of that particular period. Memories that are surprisingly rich in detail.
The problem with this is that I can't really subjectively simply enjoy the song from that point. It has a 'tag' etched in it forever, which I can never really disassociate from the song.
On the plus side, I like it when memories come flooding back. Be it good or bad. Good, because it makes me smile, bad because it makes me smile that I somehow got through those times.
One such song is floyd's 'high hopes' , which is exactly what I was listening to right now. It reminded me of my last 2 weeks at BITS.
Even as i type, a new song is getting associated with this time of chillmax life, when the usual assignments and quizzes etc fail to really burden you anymore and in general that's about all there is to academic life right now.

I'm learning the guitar on my own now, though it sucks that I have to make a tremendous effort to actually put it down after a while and get on with some courses that i'd rather not spend any time on.
Its CAT time again, heres wishing all the candidates the best of luck :)
thats all folks!


smilingassassin said...

the ending had no correlation whatsoever with the start. and yeah i do the association thing too. :P not with all songs though.

Monty.Chesterz said...

fckr mentioned the precise things the relation between me and music. Or does this apply to everyone? Seriously man, a playlist for every semester. And I sadly detest the playlist (although it contains excellent songs) of the sem in which I got 5.98 gpa.

Full Of Life said...

Worse is if you somehow correlate a song to a person and then if you begin to detest that person, you can never listen to that song matter how good it really is.

Happened to me a lot of times, I guess everyone does link songs to a particular time in their life.

Oink said...

ah ... glad to know im not the only mad one around here :D

fiddlesticks said...

Not directly related but can't resist quoting :P - 'First sign of madness, talking to your own head'.
Guess we're mostly all mad by Nigellus's standards huh? :D

Oink said...

Its very tempting, you know, all these hp statements ... almost make me give up on these frakin end terms and just rediscover hp all over again :D

Vidya said...

lol @ manasa's comment
and yes, i associate songs with people, not with phases of life. well, it's all weird. and weird is good.