Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time flies

Here I am, as the October of 2011 dies, many miles away from the place where it all began, resurrecting my dead blog. I pen my thoughts, with a strange feeling of distant wonder, of the things that were, things that are, and the things that lie ahead.
One of my good friends is tying the knot this week, and it just jolted me into wondering where all these years have gone. It seems just like yesterday that we used to go to learn music together, still young and without a care in the world. It seems scary at times, the way we grow up so fast. Perhaps a little too fast. The last few years have changed me so much, it seems surreal, as if everything is a blur and I'm just hurtling towards an unknown destination, without stopping to enjoy the view.
Finally free of the shackles of studenthood, this side of the world seems to be exciting. I just don't know if I'm using these years to really reach out and do something meaningful. Sure, I'm working and taking on real life responsibility in a different country. But it just feels like .. a bottle waiting to be opened. A cork waiting to be unscrewed. A bubble waiting to burst.

I don't know if I'm making any sense, or whether this is some form of a mid-mid-life (or a quarter life) crisis manifesting itself in the form of an out of the blue post. I just wish time went by slower, so that I could savor the sights along the highway that my life seems to be speeding on.

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