Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Its that time of the year, when life is the most hectic it will get in my 2 years here. This half-term is punctuated with innumerable presentations by companies pitching for recruiting for summers, each presentation lasting on an average for about two hours. Two hours is precious time (lost), especially in these times, when the sleep receivables are accruing to ominous levels, and even weekends are somewhat dreaded, for the flurry of deadlines we have to meet, either regarding company forms, some mundane assignments no one gives too much of a damn about but have to be completed anyways, and attempting to address the accumulating summer prep backlogs, among other things.
This is also the time when I'm actually quite enjoying things out here. Till now, it was mainly about cribbing about the enormous workload dumped upon us, the apparently useless assignments that invariably form a part of any course anywhere in the world, and all the other things worth complaining about. However, with summers, the actual implementation of what we're supposed to have learnt, how little we know right now, how much one has to cover to even have a faint hope of not appalling the recruiter with our profound ignorance, and most importantly, how practical all this really is, has come to the fore.
This is also the term when our section has got the most wonderful profs, and the subjects seem more relevant than ever. Each prof brings his/her own eccentricities to the class, which makes it all the more interesting. Of course, you can't help but sleep in some of the classes, either because you have been up last night, doing something which you should have done in a fraction of the time you actually took to complete, or simply because you find that particular subject to be not half as interesting as some of the other ones.

I have this exam I have signed up for, to obtain a certification from NSE, called NCFM (NSE certification iin Financial Markets) tomorrow, and theres 150 pages of esoteric stuff that I'v got to study for that, so I'll sign off.
I can almost smell the light at the end of the tunnel. Just about a month and a half now. Then its freedom, at least relatively :D


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awesome hai boss..ppl @ iimA can actually smell light too! woaaayyyy

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